Track View APK 3.7.06

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Download Track View APK Pro latest version and monitor your movements. It enables you to track all the locations collected by your GPS tracking devices.

Track View APK 3.7.06
Name Track View
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.7.06
Size 19 MB
Category Tools
Developer TrackView INC
Price Free

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Everything You Need to Know about Track View Pro APK Full Version

Track View APK Pro is an application that connects you to the BrickHouse Security GPS Platform. It helps you to keep track of all your movements. The app, offered by BrickHouse Electronics, is simple to use and guarantees a boost to your security status.

It is ideal for use on Android devices operating on Android 4.1 and above OS. It is pretty lightweight (5.5M), and you can be guaranteed seamless operations. It will not affect the functionality of your android device.

track view apk download

With the increase in technology and rising security challenges, you should get the Track View APK download for Android and map all the locations you visit. This way, you will easily track lost items or even persons!

How Track View Premium Version APK Works for

You can easily track all your trips, and without the hassle of installing security cameras. Use the app and enjoy a high level of security, knowing that you are safe in case of an emergency.

Track View Pro APK download enables you to keep tabs on your children when they are out of the house. You can use it to track any person or item you want even before they get lost.

The application transforms your Android smartphone into an IP camera complete with an event detector, GPS locator, and a cloud recorder. It will record all your routes and provide you with an accurate representation of your movements.

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Even better, it is intuitive and easy to navigate through all functions, even if it's your first time using this app. It will take only a few minutes to set up and run the GPS tracking software.

This is a must-have application for all Android users who want to enhance their security, monitor families, or track items. It is a great tool for those who use a lot of devices working on different OS versions.

Main Features of Track View APK Full Version Download

  • Remote Audio and Video Recording. This application enables you to monitor your home and family remotely. It also allows you to take and share pictures and videos using your mobile device.
  • Remote Live Streaming of Video and Audio. With this app, you can access live feeds from your IP cameras or other devices working on the same WiFi network or data connection.
  • Remote Control. This GPS Tracking app enables you to remotely control your IP camera pan, tilt, and zoom functions.
  • Enhanced Anti-theft System. You can remotely track your device, sound an alarm, take pictures, delete all sensitive data from your SD card, and use a mobile tracking platform to access its location on Google Maps via computer or SMS text commands.
    track view apk pro
  • Night Vision Mode. The smart application comes with night vision mode for your IP camera. It enables you to capture high-quality photos and videos even at night, and the video quality will not be affected by poor lighting conditions.
  • PIR Motion Sensor. This feature records all movements detected by the device. You can set it through SMS commands to upload the data to the cloud. This is a great feature ideal for those parents who want to monitor their children, and it's also suitable for security guards and hunters.
  • It Supports Multiple Networks. You can use this app on your Android smartphones or tablets connected to different networks, including 2G, 3G, and Wi-Fi.

Two-Way Audio Communication

Track View helps you stay connected with your loved ones, especially when they are away. You can use it to talk or listen to them using the IP camera's speaker and mic.

Even better, all this is stored in the cloud backup recordings. As such, you can retrieve them when you need them. After downloading the app, you will be prompted to activate two-way audio communication and configure your devices for use in just a few minutes.

Integrate the App with Your Gmail Account.

You are free to connect your Gmail account with Track View Premium Version APK Download for better security. This way, you can have all your data stored in Google Cloud account for further analysis.

track view titanium apk

Additionally, you will be able to restrict access and only allow specific Gmail account to access your data. This way, only you can authorize the use of your data.

Real-Time Updates and Instant Alerts

Track View for Android enables you to track your loved ones and access real-time updates about their current location. You will receive instant alerts whenever the app detects movement, audio, video recording, SIM change, and other activities on your mobile device or tablet.

Upgrade for More Features!

Track View APK comes in various versions, including Track View Platinum APK and Track View Titanium APK. With the premium license, you will be able to access premium features that include geo-fencing, multiple users, and location history.

You can also have multiple devices connected to a single account by upgrading the app.

Track View APK

If you want to enjoy all premium features without spending a coin, you should get the Track View APK download. This app provides an excellent user interface and enables you to use the app on multiple devices at no additional cost.

trackview pro apk full version

Additionally, the Track View APK free download for Android is equipped with an emergency alert feature that enables you to send your location and specific requests or calls for help to friends and family members.


If you want to monitor your activities, check out the Track View app download now. This application comes with many features including, cloud backup recordings, two-way audio communication, and instant alerts. You will get information about movements and other activities.

Download Track View [19 MB]


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