Text or Die APK 20.0.3

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Are you confident in your general knowledge? Download Text or Die APK now and try your best to give the most extended answer to get out of the rising water.

Text or Die APK 20.0.3
Name Text or Die
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 20.0.3
Size 145.11 Mb
Category Trivia
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.fullfat.textordie

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Download Text or Die APK – Fight with Words

If you love playing casual games, there are so many unique ones to play today. These games are unique because they provide different gameplay than the ones you’re used to playing.

If you’re someone who’s constantly looking for these types of games, then you can enjoy a lot of trivia games. Today, you can download Text or Die, which is a clever puzzle game you can play.

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This game from Rollic Games challenges you to answer questions with the most extended answer possible. The longer your answer is, the higher your blocks will be, saving you from the sharks!

This is a fun and unique game that you can play today if you’re into trivia games. This one asks many unique questions, and the answer is up to you, but you’ll need to keep going up if you want to win! Can you provide the longest answer out of the other players?

Unique Trivia Game

There are so many exciting and ideal games you can play that features trivia. A lot of people are always looking for some of the unique games they could play today. There are a lot of popular genres to enjoy, such as fighting, RPG, simulation, shooting, and many more.

But one of the most underrated genres would be the puzzle, where you’ll find many gems like Text or Die. This is a game that challenges your general knowledge as well as your vocabulary!

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This game is unlike any other since it’s so fun and exciting for kids and adults alike. The goal is simple: to answer the question with the most extended answer you can think of!

This is because your survival depends on the answer you can give, so the longer it is, the better. Here, each letter from the answer counts as one block, so you’ll need to outlast your opponents to get away from the shark. Can you trust your general knowledge?

With this game, you can enjoy a fun trivia game with many levels to play!

Text or Die Highlights

If you’re searching for something fantastic to play, then you can download Text or Die today!

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Unique Trivia Game – You can enjoy many fun games to play today that feature the puzzle genre. If you love playing these games, you can find so many unique ones today.

But if you’re into trivia, then there are also custom games made for this sub-genre. You can find so many exciting games under this genre to play for free now! Text or Die is just one of these games, and it’s a fun game to play with the family.

In this exciting game, your goal is to answer the questions with the longest words as much as possible. This is because your survival hinges on the words you provide. The longer your answer is, the better, as every letter is equal to one block that will be added to you.

You must survive and have the highest block at the end of the level to win! Think you can trust your general knowledge and vocabulary skills? Put them to the ultimate test with this game today.

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Many levels to play – In-Text or Die, you’re able to play so many levels. Each one is unique, and it lets you answer a different question every time. There are all sorts of questions like the name a precious gem, name a planet, name a farmyard animal, and more.

You can answer with the most extended answer as much as you can, so you’ll be added with more blocks to step on! Here, there are sharks all over the waters. The waters will continue to rise, so you need to provide the most extended answer possible.

Type the answer – This is one of those unique games where you can type in the answer. Here, there are a lot of hints that will provide you with different letters.

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Then, you need to think of the best answers, so you don’t get eaten by the shark. Today, this is a fun game to try with your family and friends as the waters will continually rise.

Realistic graphics – Trivia games are usually boring for a lot of people. But Text or Die is different since it offers the best and most unique gameplay.

The graphics are realistic as well, which makes this game so exciting. Here, your survival hinges on your ability to provide the most extended answers possible.

Download Text or Die APK – Latest version

If you love playing trivia games, then you can download Text or Die apk no ads for free. Provide the most prolonged answers now!

Download Text or Die [145.11 Mb]


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