Super Wallpaper APK ALPHA-2.6.543-06131115-ogl-64

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Super Wallpaper APK is a type of live wallpaper that users can use on their phones to make them look cooler. Many types of wallpapers are available to use on any device.

Super Wallpaper APK ALPHA-2.6.543-06131115-ogl-64
Name Super Wallpaper
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version ALPHA-2.6.543-06131115-ogl-64
Size 147 MB
Category Personalization
Developer Xiaomi Inc.
Price Free

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Download Super Wallpaper APK – Live Wallpapers 

Wallpapers are available in all smartphones released. It’s the background of any phone that users will see behind their apps. It can easily make any phone look stylish with different styles and colors.

But to spice things up, Xiaomi has released Super Wallpaper for their phones. This is available for different Xiaomi phones, and it looks cooler than normal ones.

When you want to change your wallpaper experience, you can simply download the app here. Then, you’ll find many available super wallpapers to select and use.

super wallpaper apk

The biggest difference of these wallpapers from others is that it provides a cool animation when you unlock your phone. It enhances the look of your phone instantly and you can use it in just about any device.

What is Super Wallpaper?

Super Wallpaper is a feature that’s available in a lot of Xiaomi devices. It’s an enhanced version of a wallpaper that can be classified as live. It provides a 3D and interactive look as you unlock your phone.

You can set a different look to your phone every time using different styles. The app can now be downloaded for any device so you can use this feature too.

Normal wallpapers are already enough to transform your phone’s look, but you can make it a step further using the app. It’s available to be downloaded for many devices and it’s a lightweight app. There’s nothing incredible about the app but it’s useful for changing the look of your phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Wallpaper

Some people are contented with their normal wallpapers, and they wouldn’t ask for more.

super wallpaper apk download

But some are ready to explore the app to enable the cool live wallpapers. However, for users who are not yet completely convinced in the app, here are the advantages of using it over normal wallpapers:

  • It looks cooler than normal wallpapers
  • It has a 3D effect when unlocking
  • Different styles provide various effects
  • It can instantly transform your phone’s look

But with every advantage, there are also disadvantages to the app. Here are they:

  • It easily drains more battery
  • There are not enough designs available compared to normal wallpapers
  • It’s not available for other Xiaomi devices so you need to download the app

It’s still a user’s preference when downloading the app. It’s not exactly one that can make or break a user’s experience, but it can improve the style.

What You can Find in Super Wallpaper

Finding a great wallpaper can instantly make your mood brighter. It can also transform your phone’s look. But Super Wallpaper can make your phone look completely different altogether.

super wallpaper apk mod

Slick animation – The thing that separates a super wallpaper from an ordinary flat wallpaper is the 3D animation. The super wallpaper is a live wallpaper that uses many effects that can transform your phone.

It makes any phone look cooler instantly as you unlock your phone as it can zoom in or out depending on the design.

Different wallpaper designs – Super Wallpaper has great designs, but they’re limited for now. But in the app, users can choose to apply designs like Snow-capped peaks, Home, Red Planet, Distant Rights, and Geometry.

Each design is spectacular such as the Home where Earth is shown in the lock screen. Once you unlock your phone, it will zoom in to a beautiful mountainside in the planet.

Easy to apply – Super Wallpaper makes it easy for users to use each design. To start, you need to download the app and then choose the design you want.

Then, you can preview what it will look like on your device, and you can hit “Apply”. Changing your design is as simple as opening the app and repeating the procedure.

Compatible with most devices – The super wallpaper feature is originally for Xiaomi devices. But some Xiaomi devices don’t have the feature and most certainly other brands don’t.

super wallpaper apk latest version

However, Super Wallpaper is an app that’s compatible with most devices that supports live wallpapers. It’s a great app to use and it can be easily configured.

Free – This is a free app that can be used by everyone regardless of their phone. It has all the designs available from the Xiaomi devices and it can be used today. 

Download Super Wallpaper APK – free version

Super Wallpaper is an amazing app that’s free and features a lot of amazing wallpaper designs with smooth animations.

Download Super Wallpaper [147 MB]
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