Storebox APK 4.2.29

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We all get receipts, but with Storebox APK, you can easily access your receipts digitally. Now, you don’t have to keep your receipts with you!

Storebox APK 4.2.29
Name Storebox
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 4.2.29
Size 69.47 Mb
Category Shopping
Developer Storebox Aps
Price Free
Google Play Link dk.kvittering

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Download Storebox APK – Save Receipts

There are many incredible innovations which we can enjoy right now thanks to a lot of people. There are so many apps available that you can use for various purposes now.

Whatever you want to achieve, you can do so, thanks to the many apps available. Right now, you can enjoy a lot of apps, but Storebox allows you to store receipts that you get today digitally. With this, you can conveniently access them.

storebox apk

Right now, there are so many apps available that you can use anytime you want to. Many people today, and almost all of us, receive receipts for our purchases. But it’s a hassle to keep receipts, especially where everything is digital.

That’s where this app comes as you can easily access your receipts digitally. You can either upload them manually or add payment cards which will automatically be uploaded in the app. Now, you can access all your receipts in one place.

Keep Track of Receipts

There are a lot of people today who use various apps for different purposes. There are many apps today that you can enjoy using anytime, as there are various purposes available. If you’re searching for a social media app, then there are so many of them available.

The same is true with other types of apps like education, games, and more. But with Storebox, you can easily store all your receipts digitally for easier access. Now, you won’t need to keep them physically.

storebox apk download

Everything we buy today keeps receipts of our purchases, such as groceries, food, electronics, and more. But most people throw these receipts without a second thought as they’re a nuisance. But this is where problems arise as receipts are needed for refunds, returns, and replacements.

So, if you want to eliminate that problem, you can download Storebox now to store all your receipts online. This app lets you upload receipts manually and even enjoy automatic digital receipts.

You can add your cards here so you can save the receipt automatically.

Features of Storebox

You can enjoy a lot of apps to use right now for various purposes. But Storebox is a highly unique and usable app.

Useful app – There are so many apps available for all of us to use on our smartphones. Thanks to technology, we can do so many things now that allows us to enjoy many things.

There are many apps available today that we can use for various purposes. But if you’re someone who throws away your receipts, then you can use Storebox. This app lets you store all your receipts digitally for convenience.

storebox apk for android

Receipts are useless for many people, but they’re needed the most when we want a refund, return, or replacement. Thanks to Storebox, you’ll be able to upload your receipts so you can keep them forever manually. You can also add your cards to save your receipts to your app automatically.

The company works with many stores, so you can automatically save your receipts in the app. There’s no need to keep the receipts which will eventually be trash in your pocket and homes.

Manually upload – With Storebox, you can easily store receipts digitally, so you don’t have to store them physically. Thanks to this app, you can manually upload your receipts to the app, and they will be scanned.

It will then turn into a digital receipt that you can easily access anytime. It can also help you audit your finances in your business and personal life. With this, you don’t need to keep your receipts in your pockets, wallets, and at home, where they’ll eventually end at the trashcan.

Save cards – With Storebox, you can add your payment cards in the app, whether they’re debit or credit cards. Then, you can use them in various participating stores so that your receipts will automatically show up in the app.

storebox apk free download


Now, you don’t need to bother saving your physical receipts as the app will save them for you. You’ll be notified of any new receipts so you can view them anytime. You can then search and even download them as well. You’re also free to view your profile, folders, and stores.

Search and download receipts – With Storebox, you can search and download receipts stored in your account. This means you can virtually access them anytime, unlike a physical receipt.

This means that you can easily keep track of your expenses. This also reduces your trash, so you can go ahead and throw your receipts. But most of all, it offers convenience as you don’t need to upload receipts manually.

Download Storebox Plus vip APK – Latest version

If you’re tired of keeping receipts, you can use Storebox! Store receipts digitally so you can access them at any time.

Download Storebox [69.47 Mb]
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