Stone Miner APK 2.13.6

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If you want to enjoy mining stones, download Stone Miner APK now. Here, you can mine for stones using your truck. Enjoy upgrades, various islands, and more.

Stone Miner APK 2.13.6
Name Stone Miner
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.13.6
Size 207.21 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer ZPLAY Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.hollowdogs.stonegrinder

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Stone Miner APK – Mining Simulation

There are many fun simulation games to play right now. The simulation genre is loved by many, and it’s being played by millions right now. There are all sorts of simulation games available to be played today that you can have fun with.

Each simulation game lets you play with a unique topic such as driving, mechanic, goats, and many more. But with Stone Miner, you can enjoy mining for stones and making money from it!

stone miner apk

In this game, your job is to mine as many stones as you can in various levels and islands today. Here, you can mine for stones using your truck so you can sell the rocks and enjoy your income.

Have fun crushing the stones using your truck as you go around the island and mining different colors and types of rocks. The more income you have, the more money you can get and the more you can spend on upgrading your truck! You can have fun upgrading different things today.

Enjoy Mining

There are so many amazing games to be played right now, and you’re free to download them as much as you want. But if you’re someone who doesn’t want the same old games, then you can have fun with simulation games. These are games that are gaining popularity these days since they’re so fun to play.

download stone miner for android

Today, you can enjoy so many categories under simulation, and you’re free to have fun with so many of them. But with Stone Miner, your job is to mine for stones that you can sell.

As a miner, you’ll have your truck here that you can operate and many levels to complete. You can enjoy mining for different types of stones here that you can sell to earn money.

Then, you can reinvest that money to upgrade your truck as you upgrade the grinder, truck, and rail cart. There are many enjoyable structures to erect here as well. In this game, you can have fun with so many stones and islands to visit here.

stone miner mod apk free download

Feel free to enjoy a fun simulation game about mining right now.

Highlights of Stone Miner

If you’re someone who enjoys a fun simulation game, download Stone Miner now and unlock many levels.

Mine stones – There are so many fantastic simulation games today that you can play. Most simulation games today are popular, and they allow players to do certain things that they can thoroughly enjoy.

stone miner mod apk latest version

For instance, the goat simulator game lets players become a goat that wreaks havoc in the streets. But if you’re into mining, then you’ll have fun playing Stone Miner today! This is a game that lets you mine stones as you can to earn money from selling them.

Published by ZPlay Games, this is a game that lets you enjoy so many things today that you can do. Here, you’ll be going through countless levels so you can mine stones with different textures, colors, and prices.

Feel free to enjoy many levels now and earn money as you do. You can then want to upgrade the different parts of your truck so you can pick up more stones and you can mine faster. Overall, this is a fun game to play that will let you earn while mining.

stone miner mod apk unlimited money

Sell the stones – If you’re a business person, then you’ll love playing this game. You’ll learn what it takes to run a successful mining business here, as you can sell the stones you have mined here.

Feel free to enjoy many stones that you can mine and sell here as you earn money. In this game, you’ll need your money to reinvest your business today!

Play many levels – In this game, you can play in so many levels today, which lets you mine different stones. You can sell various stones for foreign earnings, and you can enjoy mining in different places.

stone miner mod apk free shopping

There are so many enjoyable places to mine here and stones to get. Feel free to use your truck to mine for rocks today.

Upgrade your truck – In this game, you’ll need to upgrade your vehicle constantly so you can carry more stones and mine faster. There are many things to upgrade here, such as the grinder, truck, and rail cart.

Download Stone Miner APK

If you want to enjoy mining, download Stone Miner now and enjoy a game where you can mine stones for money!

Download Stone Miner [207.21 Mb]


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