Set Orientation APK 2.1

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If you're someone who has a device with a broken sensor, then you'll need download Set Orientation APK. This will let you rotate your screen manually quickly.

Set Orientation APK 2.1
Name Set Orientation
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 2.1
Size 1.6M
Category Tools
Developer AfterEcho
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download Set Orientation APK – Automatic Sensor

There are a lot of apps available right now that you can download on your phone. Smartphones have gotten so advanced over the years that we now enjoy many things.

We can have fun with so many apps that we can use for our phones right now for free. Thanks to our smartphones, we're able to do a lot of cool things right now that we couldn't before. But if your phone's sensor is broken, then you'll need Set Orientation today!

set orientation apk

Thanks to this app from AfterEcho, you can now enjoy a free app that lets you compensate for your phone's broken sensor. When you have a broken sensor on your phone, it will not automatically go back to portrait mode when you go back to the home screen.

But with this app, you need to download it and tap the notification to rotate it however you want. This lets you easily use your phone even with a broken function!

Rotate Screen

We use our phones a lot for many purposes these days. Thanks to these devices, we can do many things that weren't possible before. Now, we can freely watch movies shows, chat with people, and call them.

There are no limits to what we can do right now if we download the right app for it. We can freely enjoy using our phones for various purposes, but if your phone's sensor is broken, then you'll need Set Orientation today.

set orientation apk download

Our phones can do a lot of things for us. But occasionally, they can also be broken, just like many other things. Our phones can automatically turn to landscape and portrait mode thanks to its sensor.

But if it's broken, it can get stuck in a specific view that can be irritating. But thanks to Set Orientation, you're able to set your screen however you want manually. You need to tap the notification and enjoy this app.

There are many features and functions with this app that you can use for free! Download it now and enjoy.

Set Orientation Highlights

If you want to set your screen to portrait or landscape easily, you can download Set Orientation right now and enjoy.

set orientation apk for android tv

Useful app – If you're someone who uses a smartphone regularly, then you can enjoy so many apps right now. There are a lot of incredible apps that you can enjoy right now about games, apps, and other things.

You can freely download so many apps right now that let you do many things about different topics. But if your phone's sensor is broken, then you can freely download Set Orientation right now for free. This is an app that lets you set the orientation easily.

With Set Orientation, you're able to easily enjoy setting your phone's orientation to however you like. This app is perfect for broken phones, which don't automatically set their orientation.

set orientation android tv apk latest version

This app allows you to change back to portrait mode or landscape mode, depending on what you need. You need to tap on the notification, and you'll be asked to rotate your device. This is a free app that you can use that functions well for everyone!

Set orientation easily – With Set Orientation, you're able to set your phone's orientation so that it's in portrait or landscape mode. This is a free app that you can use today as it can be a quick fix. It becomes annoying when your phone's sensor suddenly becomes broken.

This doesn't let you automatically turn your device to portrait or landscape mode. This can be unpleasant if you're viewing photos, watching videos, playing games, and more. Thankfully, you need to download this app, and your problem is solved!

set orientation apk android tv

Easy to use – Set Orientation lets you quickly set your phone's orientation to portrait or landscape mode. This is a quick fix to your phone's broken sensor problem. However, note that you still need to get it fixed through a technician so you can get back your phone's functionality.

But in the meantime, you can use this app to get your device working efficiently. To use this, you need to download the app and tap on the notification asking you to rotate your device. Although this is semi-automatic, it's better than having to rotate your device all the time manually.

Set Orientation for Android TV APK Download – Latest version

If you want to enjoy setting your orientation, then Set Orientation is the solution for you like it's free.

Download Set Orientation [1.6M]
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