Seeya Mod APK 2.2.5

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If you’re looking for a unique and fresh dating app to use, Seeya is your best bet. This app allows you to meet random people worldwide to chat, video chat and more!

Seeya Mod APK 2.2.5
Name Seeya
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.2.5
Size 49.31 Mb
Category Social
Price Free
Google Play Link com.goodstar.onevideo

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We’ve progressed a lot as humans over the past decades. From inventing the internet to having access to it in mere seconds – we’ve certainly gone a long way. Now, we even have apps that can bridge the gap between hearts in an instant called dating apps. Meet, Seeya a fresh dating app made by This app has all that you need if you want to meet people online!

Seeya Mod APK

We’re not going to lie, there have been many popular dating apps out there such as Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, OkCupid and more. You’ve probably tried some or most of them and had no luck. In that case, this is your golden opportunity! This app supports easy login, online video chatting and sending hearts to people that catch your eyes! With free video calls, you’ll be glad to use this app for all your dating needs.

A Fresh Dating App

The world has progressed a lot ever since the internet and smartphones were invented. We no longer need to constantly use computers since we can simply access any website within seconds using our smartphones. Plus, dating has been made extremely easy with dating apps popping up over the years. But if you want to have a fresh and a new app, try Seeya.

Seeya APK Latest Version

This app isn’t exactly all that different from the popular ones. But it offers a lot more than those since they’re trying to lure in more users. Like most dating apps though, it allows users to match, chat, start a video call, and even send hearts to people you like. And since it only has more than a hundred thousand people right now, you can potentially meet serious lovers! This is because the app isn’t filled with trolls unlike the popular dating sites and apps today. Overall, it’s easy to use, straightforward and a very new way to meet people!

Capabilities of Seeya

In this day and age, we no longer need to go out of our house to meet new people. We can do it right at our home and with an app called Seeya!

Seeya APK Free Donwload

Match with random people online – There was a time when speed dating was the norm. It allowed people to meet with a lot of potential mates in a day. And although it’s still practiced today in various places, it’s not as popular now. What replaced it was something more convenient and easier – dating apps. There have been numerous popular dating apps that have emerged such as Tinder, Badoo and many more. But now, Seeya is taking up the world by storm! Here, you can pretty much do anything you can do with other dating apps. But in this one, you’ll meet fresh faces as the app is new. You can meet random people and match with them if you like them. From there, you can try to video chat with them to get to know them.

Free video calls – Since this app is a dating app, you have the ability to chat and start a video chat with random strangers worldwide. The app has the ability to grant you free calls. Use this to see people face-to-face online and hear their voice. This is where you’ll try to see who they really are. Get to know them by asking them questions and answering their questions as well. If you two click, then you can take it further by asking for social media accounts. If not, then no harm is done and you can go on your separate ways finding others to match.

Download Seeya For Android

Easy login – This app is so easy to use that you only need to download and login to start with it immediately. It supports Facebook login and even email so you can login however you want. Once you do, you can just open the app just like any other social media app and you can start to match instantly.

Easy to use dating app – Seeya works just like any other popular dating app out there. You just download the app, create an account and start matching with people. If you use other dating apps, then you’re already familiar with this one. It’s just a matter of using the app now!

Send hearts – If you see someone you like in Seeya, you can send them hearts to let them know of your intentions. Doing so will allow you to get a match! Then, take things from there and get to know them.

Download Seeya APK – Latest version

Dating is now more convenient than ever with Seeya. Download the app and login to easily match with random strangers worldwide.

Download Seeya [49.31 Mb]


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