Rival Stars Horse Racing APK 1.51.1

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Download Rival Stars Horse Racing APK – latest version – free for Android and test your horse-riding skills against the very best in the world! Dare to enter the world of horse racing?

Rival Stars Horse Racing APK 1.51.1
Name Rival Stars Horse Racing
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.51.1
Size 1.31 Gb
Category Sports
Developer PIKPOK
Price Free
Google Play Link com.pikpok.hrc.play

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For years, racing games have dominated the mobile gaming markets. They are one of the most profitable genres in all of mobile gaming all for a simple fact – people love racing! It’s not a surprise, given that a lot of racing games found success even before mobile gaming was a thing.


But during the recent years, there seems to be a trend wherein plenty of new racing games are now adding their own twists to their games. People seem to get tired of traditional racing games nowadays so they look for something new. This allows developers such as PIKPOK to come up with some absurd but insanely good games such as Rival Stars Horse Racing. If it isn’t obvious from the title, this is a horse racing game. If you fancy this game, read on to learn more!

Not Your Typical Racing Game

When you think about racing, we usually associate it with cars. We can’t blame ourselves, that’s the most popular vehicle for racing. But in actuality, there are more types of racing out there. One of them is horse racing.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a horse racing game that has garnered over 1 million downloads! If you’re familiar with the Into the Dead games, you’ll love this one as they’re from the same developer – PIKPOK. Everything you imagine horse racing is, it’s all in this game. You’ll love everything in this game if you’re a big fan of horses.


But this game is not just about horse racing. You’ll also breed, train and upgrade your horses! The complete experience is necessary for you to enjoy the game so the developers didn’t just focus on the racing part. Lastly, the graphics are stunning and you’ll realize that once you play this game.

Features of Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing isn’t your typical run of the mill racing game. It has so much to offer! Here are the features:

Racing – If you download this game, this is probably the one feature that you’re most looking forward to. It can’t be helped; the game looks absolutely stunning just from the trailers. And once you play this game, you’ll experience racing like you’ve never before. Every movement feels real and winning isn’t easy. You can hire a jockey or ride your horse yourself to compete for victory – the choice is yours.


Breeding – Aside from racing, there are more to horse races than the racing itself. Before the race, you’ll also need to raise the horses and keep them healthy. This means you should hire a stable manager who’ll help you when to buy, breed and sell new horses. Each horse is unique with its own stats, characteristics, appearances, pedigree histories and so on. Part of winning the race is having the right foundation.

Training – Aside from managing your horses, you also need to train them to become world champions. You can hire a trainer to help you with this. By training your horses, you can increase their speed, sprint energy and acceleration. Training them also helps them get accustomed to racing, kind of like in real life. Everything in here is designed to be like the real thing so be sure not to treat this as just a simple game!


Upgrade – After every race, your horse gets exhausted pretty quickly. Use your winnings to buy upgrades such as more stables and more houses. You can also upgrade your training facilities to allow your horses to improve more. Ultimately, the goal is to get your horse to improve and get even faster.

Graphics – The graphics are absolutely stunning in this game. The 3D graphics can only be rivaled by the realistic gameplay! There’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than the beautifully designed horses and racetracks. It’s like you’re actually riding the horses and not just playing a game.


Controls – For beginners, the controls might take a while to get used to. But it’s not overly complicated though. Everything is straightforward. You just tap the arrows to go the left or right, and then tap the sprint and slow button if necessary.

Rival Stars Horse Racing APK

Rival Stars Horse Racing is truly a masterful horse racing game for the ages. However, you need a lot of money to buy upgrades. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time collecting money, download the weak enemy now!

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing [1.31 Gb]


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