Wheel Scale Mod APK 2.1.3 (Free Unlock)

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Download Wheel Scale Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to participate in an incredible race in which you can change your car’s size effortlessly!

Wheel Scale Mod APK 2.1.3 (Free Unlock)
Nome Wheel Scale
Compatível com Android 5.0+
Última versão 2.1.3
Tamanho 145.33 Mb
MOD Free Unlock
Categoria Racing
Desenvolvedor Supersonic Studios LTD
Preço Free
Link para o Google Play com.AnderK.WheelScale
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Mod Features:

  • No ads
  • Free Unlock


There are a whole lot of car racing games today. Thanks to the early success of franchises such as Need for Speed, we’re only going to see these games for years. But today, we’re seeing a trend where developers are introducing some unique twists to our beloved racing games.


One of the most unique racing games now is Wheel Scale. Developed by Supersonic Studios, this game allows players to scale their car up and down easily to overcome barriers! This is a brand-new game that adds some unique twists to the ones that we’re accustomed to. Race with some random people as you show them who’s the boss! Lastly, unlock more cars as you win races!

A Scalable Game

Racing games are among the top ones that we see all over the gaming community today. They are popular because they are quick, challenging and a whole lot of fun. But what happens when a bored player meets Wheel Scale? You get an amazing gaming experience of course!


Wheel Scale isn’t your typical car racing game where you just race to the finish line first. Sure, the racing part is still here but there’s more! In here, you can easily scale your car as small or as big as you need to overcome obstacles! For instance, you see a big dip up ahead, so you need to make your car bigger to go over it. Other times, you might encounter a floating obstacle in which case you need to make your car smaller. Don’t worry, scaling your car up and down is literally as easy as swiping you fingers!

Features of Wheel Scale

Games of today are becoming more innovative than ever. That’s because the competition is getting stiff. And if you’re a racing game player, you’d know that there’s so much racing games out there now. But Wheel Scale is different. Here’s why:

Interesting concept – There are a ton of racing games out there now. Because of this, developers are always looking for ways to innovate these games. And Supersonic Studios just had an interesting concept that they made. It’s called Wheel Scale and it’s making a buzz in the gaming community with over a million downloads in Google Play Store now. This isn’t your normal racing game as you need to overcome tons of obstacles your way. Thankfully, you can easily make your car smaller or larger. But you still need to make fast judgements and have quick reactions to play this game.


Crazy graphics – The 3D graphics are also well-designed. This includes the cars, obstacles and the overall aesthetic of the game. There are no elements out of place and each level presents different colors for you to enjoy. The game is 3D yet the view is on the side making it perfect to view your opponents and the obstacles ahead. Overall, the developers have done a good job of creating a brand-new game that doesn’t feel regurgitated.

 Controls – The controls of this game are where things get interesting. After all, you only need to swipe up and down the screen to make your car bigger or smaller! Your car will automatically move forward so you don’t have to do anything else. You can play this game with only one hand so you can focus on the obstacles and your car.

 Multiplayer – In here, you can play against random opponents around the world! Show them who’s the boss by showcasing your fast reflexes and good judgement. If not, you can also play with bots.


Unlock cars – There are tons of unique cars you can unlock in this game. At first, you’ll get some bland cars. But as you win more races, you get to unlock vans, monster trucks, pickups and more!

Wheel Scale Mod APK for Android – No ads

Wheel Scale is an interesting game that involves a lot of obstacles, cars and a fun gameplay! Download the latest version now and see for yourself!

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