Prima Cash APK 1.8.2

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Download Prima Cash APK Latest Version Free For Android. Prima Cash is a product of Prima Fintech Lending Organization (Philippines). Its products comply with policies and regulations.

Prima Cash APK 1.8.2
Name Prima Cash
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.8.2
Size 10 MB
Category Finance
Developer Prima Cash PH
Price Free

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Description of PrimaCash APK

PrimaCash APK is a financial support application to get a loan at a low-interest rate. Primacash is easy to use. All you have to do is register with your email and complete information about you and the app. This application is developed to make finance easy for Philippine users. There are many financial apps in the world. However, the PrimaCash cash application is distinct as it helps users manage their finances.

prima cash apk

PrimaCash offers users many features, Making their finances easy with no hassle or bizarre documents. With the PrimaCash APK, users can borrow loans of up to 150,000 pesos and pay back at a low-interest rate in the comfort of your home. While using this app, there is no extra paperwork needed. It Is a digital bank app. All you have to do is download this application, install and follow the procedure as provided in the application.

All the service users get access to are secured with high-security technology. No third party has access to your activities; therefore, users are guaranteed a confidential experience while using the application. Also, Primacash app follows all business policies and regulations to provide the best service for users. Download the Primacash APK Android now for an easy loan experience.

Prima Fintech Lending Corporation in the Philippines developed and published this app to make lending money and loans easy for all Philippines. They have done a great job curating this application for people since its launch. Primacash has been suitable for users. Recently, Prima Fintech has updated all the app's features, and you will get the updated feature in the Primacash APK latest version.

All features have been upgraded for users to enjoy premium service in this version. Primacash is legally registered as an Asian app in the Philippines. Therefore users are ensured of the high-level security and genuineness of the application.

prima cash apk android

Not that not everyone is eligible to use this application. The age requirement for Primacash is 18 years and above; therefore, if you are below 18 years of age, you are not eligible to use the application. Users of the app can get a loan for a term as they want but mostly between 91 - 365days. And with this range, users can borrow a minimum of 3000 to over 150,000 Philippine pesos, depending on their needs.

Asides from that, Primacash has a low-interest rate for users of up to 10% interest per year, and while using the app, you will enjoy zero videos on transactions to other banks. This is super interesting. Let's check out some of the features of this finance app.

Features of PrimaCash APK

PrimaCash has been effective since its launch, and it offers users with the best loan borrow services. Below are the amazing features of PrimaCash APK;

Great User interface

PrimaCash APK is easy to use with its simple interface providing all navigations and settings in a well-arranged form for easy accessibility. Therefore, anyone within the age requirements can use this application.

prima cash apk download

Easy to apply

Before using this application, you must have an account attached to the PrimaCash app where you provide details about yourself; name, age, email address, location, and other important info. After providing all valid information, you can easily apply for a loan.

Make Quick Transfers

There are many transaction options provided for all users to use in the PrimaCash app, and you can easily and quickly make transfers to other bank accounts at no cost. This is super amazing, and not all banking apps provide this feature. Download PrimaCash APK for Android right away to enjoy free transactions with other banks.

Low-interest rate and fast disbursement

PrimaCash has taken its mission seriously to make getting loans easy for users. PrimaCash lends loans to anyone who has applied for one at a low-interest rate; that is, on repayment, you will pay just a small amount of money. If you have provided important information about yourself, you will quickly get your loan without any problem.

Also, after you have applied for a loan, PrimaCash does not delay getting cash. They approve and disburse loans as soon as possible.

Flexible repayment

When you apply for a loan, PrimaCash provides you with several repayment options. You can pay in installments or at once, based on your convenience.

prima cash apk for android

In addition to these many features, you can borrow up to 150,000 Philippine pesos with an annual interest as low as 10%. Join millions of users in the Philippines to download this application. You can get the PrimaCash APK download link below as you read further.


If you have been looking to start a business or embark on a project but are limited with money, PrimaCash APK is a great loan app to consider with its many features. PrimaCash is a must-have app for all your financial needs.

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