Pimp My Rom APK 3.4

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Download Pimp My ROM APK for Android and improve your phone’s performance. It has many customization features that will enhance your productivity significantly.

Pimp My Rom APK 3.4
Name Pimp My Rom
Compatible with Android 2.2+
Last version 3.4
Size 24 MB
Category Personalization
Developer Androguide.fr
Price Free

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Everything You Need to Know about Pimp my ROM APK Download 

Pimp My ROM APK latest version is a tool that will optimize your phone and boost performance. It has several menus that allow you to customize your phone according to your preferences.

 Pimp my ROM's latest version APK has unique power-saving features. It not only optimize the battery usage but also improves the overall performance and speed of the device.

pimp my rom apk

You will also be able to increase the sensitivity of your phone's screen and improve the response time. Also, you can increase or decrease screen brightness according to your preference.

If you have been having performance problems with your device, you should download Pimp My ROM Alpha APK today! It is lightweight (23MB) and works optimally with all Android 2.1+ devices.

How Pimp My ROM Pro APK Works

There are different menus to customize your phone. Each of the menus has extraordinary features that will boost your performance significantly. These menus include:

Network and Internet

This menu allows you to improve your network and internet connection. You can undertake the following modifications:

  • Wi-Fi Scan Interval. You can change the time between each scan.
  • TCP Congestion Algorithm. This setting reroutes data packets to avoid bottlenecks.
pimp my rom apk download
  • Media Streaming Tweaks. Improve your media streaming experience and stop frequent buffering.
  • VPN/Proxy settings. Hide your IP and avoid hackers and potential fraud by changing the VPN server you use to access the internet.
  • Use Google DNS. This setting enables you to use Google DNS instead of the normal one provided by your phone’s carrier. This will provide a reliable and stable browsing experience.
  • Enable/ Disable HSUPA. The menu will allow you to enable or disable High-Speed Uplink Packet Access. This feature provides a faster and more reliable network connection.
  • Protect Your Device Against SYN Attacks. SYN attack is one of the most common forms of cyber-attacks. The menu will automatically close the ports when it detects an SYN attack, protecting your device against potential threats.
  • Block Redirects and Source-Routing. This setting will prevent your device from being redirected.
  • Various IPv4 Tweaks. The menu will allow you to change various IPv4 settings, enabling you to customize your connection according to your preferences.
  • Avoid Time-Wait State. The menu will speed up the connection by avoiding the Time-Wait state.

Multitasking Menu

This menu allows you to optimize your multi-tasking experience. Make the most of your phone’s memory by customizing the following settings:

download pimp my rom alpha apk
  • Adjust Dalvik and Kernel to New Values. This setting allows you to optimize the RAM usage by optimizing the Dalvik and Kernel values. You can use this setting to prevent lags and improve overall performance.
  • 3 Presets of OOM Groupings and Minfree. This menu prevents too many apps from being opened simultaneously and provides a smooth multitasking experience.
  • 2 Presents of zRAM Compression. The menu allows you to increase the RAM usage by using zRAM compression. However, this setting can increase battery drain due to increased CPU load.
  • Renice Low-Priority Processes. The menu boosts your phone's performance by reducing the load on the main processor.

Touchscreen and Display Features

The menu allows you to increase or decrease screen responsiveness and monitor battery usage. The following features are available:

  • Multitouch. This enables you to set the number of fingers that can be detected by your screen simultaneously.
  • Pointer Duration. This feature allows you to set the minimum time between two touch activities.
  • SurfaceFlinger's Minimum and Maximum Velocity. The menu allows you to reduce or increase the speed of touch activities.
  • Events per Second. You can set the maximum events your screen can handle per second.
  • Enable/ Disable FPS Capping. The menu will enable you to set a maximum number of FPS when customizing inputs efficacy.


The app will allow you to change the following settings:

pimp my rom pro apk
  • Call Ring Delay. The menu will allow you to customize the call ring delay. This feature allows you to decrease or increase the time between two calls to provide a smooth and uninterrupted telephony experience.
  • Add Call Answer Options. The menu will allow you to add more options when answering calls such as: “Confirm with Button”, “Flip/Silent Mode” and “Proximity Sensor”.
  • Enable/ Disable Noise Suppression. This feature sets the noise suppression to high or low, depending on your preference. However, this setting can cause a decrease in call quality.
  • SMS and MMS Retry Timer. You can adjust the time between two SMS or MMS messages. If sending fails, you determine the duration before it resends.
  • Enable/ Disable AMR Wideband. The menu will enable you to set the AMR wideband feature. This feature allows the device to adjust audio quality according to your preferences. However, it can limit compatibility with older handsets.

Other Unique Features of the App

  • Dalvic Settings. The app allows you to customize the heap size and flag selection. You can also enable/disable JIT, JNI Error Checking, and Bytecode Verification for Dalvik.
  • Kernel Settings. You can enable/disable I/P Stats and Vsync. Additionally, this feature enables you to implement Governor and I/O scheduler tweaks.
pimp my rom mod apk
  • Toggle Android Features. The app helps in hardware acceleration, GPU rendering, surface dithering, Kernel JNI error checking, and locking launcher in memory. It also allows purgeable assets, an android logger, and 16-bit transparency.
  • Diverse Tools. This app comes with many tools, including Rescue Package, Universal Support, Pimp my CPU, Entropy Generator, Density Changer, and GPS Configuration. It also has other tools to improve your overall user experience.

Download Pimp My ROM APK

You can download the beta version of this app from any third-party application. First, navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown sources checkmark.

After that, download the app APK file by clicking on this link. Once the app is downloaded, select Open once completed. The installation is simple and does not require technical expertise.

Even better, you can download the Pimp My ROM APK version to get rid of system limitations in terms of performance, functionality, and appearance.


As you can see, the app is easy to use and offers a lot of functionality. It is, therefore, appropriate for users looking to personalize their Android devices. Overall, this app allows you to boost your smartphone’s performance with just a few clicks.

Download Pimp My Rom [24 MB]


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