Moneyland APK 3.0.4

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Do you love money? Download Moneyland APK now and collect money all over the city to buy various shops, stores, buildings and expand your city now!

Moneyland APK 3.0.4
Name Moneyland
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 3.0.4
Size 195.59 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.wixot.moneyland

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Download Moneyland APK – Own the City

If you love playing games, there are so many available right now. You can find and enjoy so many games right now to play with various topics and categories.

You can find so many of these games as they’re fun and exciting to play for everyone. But if you’re into casual games, then there are a lot of them that you can enjoy right now. One of them is Moneyland, and it lets you own a city!

In this exciting game from Rollic Games, you can enjoy a fun one where you can rule over the entire city. In this game, you’re able to collect so much money from the streets and then use it to grow your city.

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You don’t need to do any hard work as you’ll only collect them and buy various things. Here, you can buy an ice cream store, garbage place, shops, houses, buildings, and many more. You can upgrade and enjoy this game today!

Own a city

You can enjoy a lot of mobile games today for free. There are a lot of games available right now that you can play available in a lot of genres. You’re able to play them as they’re free, and they provide different elements right now.

But if you’re into casual games, these are ones that you don’t have to focus too much on. You can enjoy these games as they’re fun and exciting such as Moneyland. This is a game that lets you collect money to grow your city!

If you’re someone who loves casual games, then this is for you. It can’t get more casual than this as you only need to pick up the money on the streets to start building your city. Here, you can unlock a lot of shops, buildings, houses, and other things necessary for a city.

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You can also make various upgrades for yourself, like increasing movement speed, collection speed, and capacity. Then, you can also upgrade your district’s income and workers.

This is a fun game to play as you expand your city and grow your population right now. 

Moneyland Highlights

If you love playing casual games, then Moneyland is for you as you can build your ideal city now.

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Build a city – There are a lot of games that you can enjoy playing right now. You can have fun with so many games as they’re quick and free to play. If you’re into casual games, then there are a lot of games to choose from right now.

You can find and enjoy many of these casual games as they’re fun to play anytime you want. With Moneyland, you can even build your city by collecting money from the ground. Enjoy the most fun casual game you can ever play now!

With this game, you can collect tons of money on the ground right now. You can find and enjoy so many games right now that let you have fun whenever you want.

In this one, you can pick up so much cash on the ground that you can use it whenever you want right now. You’re free to enjoy them as you build your city by unlocking many houses, shops, and buildings! Upgrade many things now and grow your city! 

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Unlock many buildings – You can find and enjoy so many fun casual games to play right now. But if you’re into casual games, there are many fun ones that you can enjoy, such as Moneyland. With this app, you’re free to unlock so many buildings if you have the money.

Many buildings are available here, like the diner, bank, shop, donut shop, hotels, houses, and many more. The more buildings you unlock, the more your population will grow! You can freely expand your city here as you continue to collect more money. 

Countless upgrades – In here, you can collect money from the ground and then use it to buy various buildings. You can then use it to expand your city and then unlock buildings. You can collect various profits from your businesses all around the city and continue to upgrade.

Here, you can freely upgrade many things such as movement speed, collect speed, and capacity. You can also upgrade your district income and district workers. You can also get them for free when you watch video ads! 

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Great graphics – Moneyland is a free game that lets you collect money, unlock business, and build your city! This is a fun game that you can play right now to grow your city and population. 

Download Moneyland APK – Latest version

If you’re someone who loves playing building games, you can enjoy Moneyland right now as it’s free!

Download Moneyland [195.59 Mb]


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