Mi Control Center Pro APK

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Do you want to personalize your phone? Download Mi Control Center Pro APK now! Make your phone look like a Xiaomi or an iOS device as you customize it.

Mi Control Center Pro APK
Name Mi Control Center Pro
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 16.09 Mb
Category Personalization
Developer ZipoApps
Price Free
Google Play Link com.treydev.micontrolcenter

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Download Mi Control Center Pro APK – Control Center

These days, you can enjoy so many apps that you can freely enjoy on your phone. There are a lot of smartphones in the world right now, as almost everyone has a smartphone device now.

If you’re someone who uses many apps today, you must use your phone a lot as well. It’s essential to make your phone look its best to customize it with Mi Control Center!

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This app from ZipoApps lets you enjoy a unique control panel for your smartphone today. This app resembles the look of MIUI and iOS devices which gives a simple but elegant feeling.

The great thing about this app is that you can fully customize it to select the color, the icons, and the theme. You can also adjust the background to select a static image blur, live, or a solid color. Feel free to enjoy seeing all the notifications easily!

MIUI Control Center

There are a lot of exciting apps that we can use on our phones today. Thanks to smartphones, we can now be more productive, and we can be entertained anywhere. Smartphones are one of the most critical technological advances today since they allow us to connect with people.

These devices can download many apps that we can use for work, school, business, and personal lives. But part of what makes Android phones awesome is that we can fully customize them! With Mi Control Center, you can change your control center.

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Today, you can freely change your control panel with Mi Control Center. This app imitates the look and feels of MIUI and iOS to provide you with the best control panel ever.

The app combines the operating system control panels of MIUI and iOS, which lets you have a unique one. Here, you can change the elements freely and select the theme and color. You can choose which icons to use, and you can enjoy many features.

This app has a quick reply function, progressive music, and many more features!

Highlights of Mi Control Center

If you’re someone who loves customizing your phone, then you can download Mi Control Center right now.

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Customize your control panel – There are many apps available today that you can use to enjoy your phone more. Smartphones are everywhere as they’re being used by all sorts of people right now wherever they are in the world.

Smartphones can be used in schools, parks, work, businesses, and homes. Therefore, you can freely customize them to make them look good anytime you want. With Mi Control Center, you can freely customize your phone’s control panel today.

This app lets you enjoy the aesthetic and straightforward look of MIUI and iOS control panels. Here, you can enjoy the different functions available, such as changing the color. You’re also free to change the background whether you want it to be blurred or a solid color.

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With this app, you can also enjoy powerful functions like quick reply, progressive music, custom notification bur, auto bundled, and many more. You can customize everything in your control center to make it look cooler!

Change the theme and color – With Mi Control Center, you’re able to change the color today. You can’t readily do this in most Android devices as they only make you pick out black and white.

But today, you’re free to customize the color to whatever you want as the app allows you to. Here, you can make it red, blue, green, pink, violet, orange, or any other color!

mi control center pro apk_optimized

Choose the icons – In this app, you can choose what icons you want to include in your control panel. What’s even more impressive is that you can customize the icons freely. You can choose designs such as square, teardrop, circle, gradients, and many more.

You can also choose what functions to include here, like WiFi, Settings, Screen Recorder, Night Mode, Screen Locks, and other apps. Mi Control Center provides you with complete customization so you can enjoy your phone even more

Advanced features – With this app, you can enjoy all sorts of unique features today. There’s the custom notification bar where you can dismiss, read, or snooze notifications.

You can also get the advanced music option to play music readily on your control panel. Here, you can also quickly reply to messages without even reading them in your messages app. There are a lot of customizations today that you can do here!

Download Mi Control Center Pro APK – Latest version

If you want a different control panel, download Mi Control Center now and fully customize your experience!

Download Mi Control Center Pro [16.09 Mb]


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