Manga Rock Premium APK 2.13.4

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Are you a manga and a webcomic lover? If you’re looking for a place to read them all, download Manga Rock Premium APK now and enjoy countless content today!

Manga Rock Premium APK 2.13.4
Name Manga Rock Premium
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.13.4
Size 64.21 Mb
Category Comics
Developer INKR Comics
Price Free
Google Play Link com.inkr.comics

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In this day and age, we have a lot of entertainment shows and movies that we can watch readily. But there’s another medium that has been around for decades now which is manga. But another variation of that is available which is called manhwa or webcomics. If you’re looking for a place to binge-read as much as you can, try Manga Rock Premium! This app contains all the popular titles as well as indie ones.

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Published by INKR Comics, here you can read comics anywhere and anytime. This app allows you to browse countless titles complete with different categories for easy browsing. Aside from that, you get personalized recommendations based on your favorites which is a similar feature to Netflix. Overall, this app has a diverse library of webcomics and manga that you can enjoy so you can never miss any content.

Read Manga and Manhwa in an App

There are a lot of fun manga and manhwas available right now. If you’re an avid anime fan, you’ll know that most of these are adapted from popular manga and even manhwas right now. But if you’re looking for a place where you can read all manga and manhwa in one place, try Manga Rock Premium. This is an app dedicated exclusively to showcase the best collection of webcomics and manga all over the world!

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This app has something called personalized recommendations which is a feature that lets the app recommend you comics that you’re likely to read. It can do this thanks to the powerful AI that it has. Aside from that, you can search the library for a vast collection of the most amazing webcomics and mangas today. It has a lot of genres such as sci-fi, action, isekai, slice of life, comedy, horror, romance, drama and many more.

What’s more is that it has an immersive viewer that lets you customize how you want to read the comics. Add various comics to your list so you can easily read them!

Manga Rock Premium Highlights

Want to have the best webcomic reading experience ever? Download Manga Rock Premium today and get premium access now.

An All-in-one App – Although there are many websites where you can read your favorite webcomics and mangas, nothing beats an app. Similar to Webtoons, Manga Rock Premium is the ultimate place where you can discover and read various titles easily. This app contains the most popular titles as well as niche ones that you will be happy to discover. You can create an account so you can save your favorites and add them to your read list. Aside from that, you can easily browse a wide variety of webcomics and manga here.

This app contains all the categories that you can browse such as action, comedy, romance, sci-fi, detective, isekai and many more. Not only that but it’s capable of recommending titles that you’ll be like to read! The app is simple to use and has everything you’ll ever need when it comes to webcomics.

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Browse countless titles – Manga Rock Premium has all the newest and most popular mangas and webcomics in the world right now. Read popular ones such as The Seven Deadly Sins, The God Devourer, Super Cube, Grand Blue, Attack on Titan and many more. It’s separated into nice drawers so that you can easily browse through them. Also, you can read the description right in the app and other important details. You can also subscribe, add to your view list, like or dislike and many more.

Plenty of categories – Since this app contains mangas and manhwas, you can expect it to have so many categories. It has webcomics from Japan, South Korea, China and many other places as well. It has categories such as zombies, actions, supernatural, romance, comedy, horror, isekai, slice of life, fantasy and so much more. Not only can you browse through different titles but you can also separate them with filters.

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Smart recommendations – If you’re using streaming platforms such as Netflix and Spotify, you can also enjoy the same experience with Manga Rock Premium! The app has a personalized recommendation feature which essentially allows you to discover similar titles to your favorites. This means that you can never run out of new title to read as long as the app is around!

Favorites – Read your favorites all in one place right now. You can like or dislike, subscribe and personalized your favorites list now.

High quality translations and comics - Manga Rock Premium contains high-quality English translations as well. Not only that but you’ll never worry about the quality too!

Manga Rock Premium APK

Read all the best webcomics and mangas today with Manga Rock Premium! Download it to get rid of ads.

Download Manga Rock Premium [64.21 Mb]


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