Mallu TV APK v9.6

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If you want to watch movies and TV channels, you can download Mallu TV APK now! If you're someone who loves streaming, then download it now!

Mallu TV APK v9.6
Name Mallu TV
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v9.6
Size 8 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer MALLU TV INC
Price Free

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Download Mallu TV APK – Free Watching

Technology is rapidly changing and evolving nowadays. We now own a multimedia device that can do many things as it can download many apps.

Smartphones are one of the best inventions recently as it allows us to contact people, browse social media and enjoy watching movies today. If you're someone who wants to stream for free, then you can download Mallu TV. This is a free streaming app that you can freely enjoy!

mallu tv apk download

Many of us love to watch movies and shows all day. We can enjoy many of them through streaming platforms today as there are many available. However, if you don't want to pay anything, this app is absolutely for you.

You'll find many movies and shows here, mainly from Bollywood today. There are a lot of tabs here like LIVE TV, Movies, Kerala Cooking, Akkara Kazhchakal, Nursery Rhymes, Kids Cartoon, Vodafone Comedy Star, and many more. There are a lot of exciting things to enjoy here!

Stream Today

You can have fun with so many exciting shows and movies right now with streaming platforms. These services exist for the sole purpose of allowing us to stream as much as we want.

We can freely enjoy many movies and shows right now as there are so many of them that we can watch on these apps. Apps like Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and so many more allow us to stream anytime and anywhere. But you can also do that with Mallu TV without paying anything!

This app is something else as it allows you to stream predominantly Bollywood content right now. There are many movies and shows that you can watch and access right here.

mallu tv apk for android

Aside from that, many Live TV channels are available for you today. You're able to stream channels like Asianet, Zee Kerala, Sirya TV HD, MBO, Surya Movies, Flowers TV1, We TV, Asianet Movies, and many more. Here, you can watch movies, sports, news and many more.

You won't find a lot of apps quite like this one today! It's the ultimate free streaming app!

Capabilities of Mallu TV

You can enjoy many movies and shows today for free when you have Mallu TV! Feel free to enjoy these features.

Free to stream – When you want to enjoy watching today, numerous entertainment apps are available. We can use various streaming apps which will let us watch as many movies and shows as we can.

There are a lot of streaming apps that are present today which we can enjoy easily. If you're someone who loves streaming, then you can download many apps today. But if you're looking for a free alternative, then there's no question but installing Mallu TV.

To put it simply, you can freely watch any movie or show today with this app. This one contains all the Bollywood movies and shows available right now. The best part is that the app categorizes them into different tabs such as Live TV, Movies, Kids Cartoon, Nursery Rhymes, Vodafone Comedy Star, Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran, Kerala Cooking, and more.

mallu tv apk

This means that you can watch all types of content today without any problems! Feel free to stream as much as you can with this app.

Bollywood content – If you're an avid watcher, then you can freely enjoy as much Bollywood content as you can today! With Mallu TV, you're able to stream lots of content right now in the app.

There is much Bollywood content here that can fill you up anytime you want. You can watch any movie or show from Bollywood here as the app updates frequently. Although the app only contains Bollywood content, this is a win for many Indians! Now, you don't have to pay anything.

Lots of categories – This is a free streaming app that contains many categories. They neatly categorize everything into tabs like Kids Cartoon, Kerala Cooking, Live TV, Movies, Vodafone Comedy Star, Akkara Kazhchakal, and many more. This means that you can browse each tab and find many movies and shows today.

mallu tv mod apk

There are also many TV channels here with which you can enjoy live sports, news, movies and more. These channels feature Asianet Movies, Surya TV, MBO, Surya TV HD, Mazavil Manorama, Surya Music, We TV, Flowers TV1, Zee Kerala, etc. more.

Stream for free – If you don't have any budget left for streaming, this app is for you. It contains all the best movies and shows right now for free! There's no need to register using your info or card. Feel free to download it as is and enjoy streaming.

Download Mallu TV APK – Latest version

If you're looking for a legit way to stream for free, try Mallu TV now! You won't regret the app as it's free!

Download Mallu TV [8 MB]


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