Lucid Dream Adventure APK 1.0.48

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Download Lucid Dream Adventure Apk Latest Version Free for Android to enjoy mysterious adventures. Solve different riddles.

Lucid Dream Adventure APK 1.0.48
Name Lucid Dream Adventure
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.0.48
Size 79.47 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Dali Games: adventure games
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Lucid Dream Adventure is, as the name suggests, is a game filled with mysterious adventures. It is certainly for people who are passionate about mysterious adventures. Rest assured that you’d find a perfect place in this game.

It is worth mentioning that Lucid Dream Adventure is offered by Dali Games, popularly known for creating adventure games. Another thing to note is that it is a point and click classic, with a crazy plot twist. You’d find yourself solving different riddles and challenging puzzles when you start playing.


The storyline it offers is unique, filled with dark symbolism and intrigue of a dream interpretation. This is a thriller you don’t want to miss because it’ll take you to a vivid universe filled with dreams. Download this game to enter the limbo of fate.

Epic Storyline

In this game, the main character is a little girl named Lucy. She’d set out on a mission to a scary dream labyrinth where she’d be an adult. Doing this will let her fight for her mother that’s about to die. Will karma show her kindness? This is something you should find out by downloading the game.


It is worth mentioning that she’d be led to a colorful destiny in this epic fairytale. Also, there is a different spooky spirit that Lucy will encounter on her expedition. This also includes the king of the forest, the light Watchmaker, Mr. Moon, Dr. Frank, and other characters.

Enchanting Locations

There are so many enchanting locations for you to visit in the gaming world. The magical experience of these locations is one of a kind, and you don’t want to be left out. Here are some of the enchanting locations to visit:

  • The cemetery that’s filled with evil angels
  • Star roofs where you’d come across the weirdest of riddles
  • Dark apartment filled with strange puzzles for you to solve
  • The forsaken planet characterized by a well of fortune

These are locations you should visit as soon as you start playing Lucid Dream Adventures. It is important to note that as you journey through the game’s world, you’d interact with some characters. Here are some of the characters you’d interact with:

  • Oneiromancer, a wicked dream interpreter
  • A mysterious crow
  • Friendly Mr. Beaver and Mr. Moon
  • The magical forest’s monkey
  • Hypnos, Tara, ancient Isis, and many more.

Amazing Riddles

What this game prides itself on is providing different riddles for players to have an amazing experience. There are so many riddles that will amuse you, and here are some of them:

  • You’d enter combat with an evil demon
  • Enter the fantasy forest to discover a wilderness
  • Destroy the dark souls that set out to haunt Lucy’s mom
  • Take the kite to the dark night
  • Repair a mirror portal with a scrap of a magical glass
  • Remove creepy sounds by burning dolls
  • Help flying elephants by collecting magical mushrooms
  • Start a lucid dream with the help of a dream catcher
  • Locate the mental horror’s storm
  • Discover ancient Greece and its miracles. You can also meet God himself by doing this

Other Interesting Facts About Lucid Dream Adventure

There are several other interesting things about this game. This includes the fact that it was nominated to Pixel Heaven Award, as well as to the Indie Prize Award.


Lucid Dream Adventure offers four different chapters, all of which have escape rooms and mini-games. The story mode of the game is addictive, and you would never get bored or tired. It is important to note that it has an amazing HD graphics and animations.

Lucid Dreams Adventure Apk Free Download

Here are some of the features you’d enjoy when you play the modified version of this game:

  • Unlocked features

Download the modified version now to enjoy a different experience on your mobile device.


Download the latest version of Lucid Dreams to start solving the different puzzles and riddles. Remember that you must defeat the demons that haunt Lucy’s mom.

Download Lucid Dream Adventure [79.47 Mb]


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