Little Big City 2 APK 9.4.3

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Download Little Big City 2 APK – Latest version – Free for Android and build your dream city and work with the mayor to make this possible! Can you do it?

Little Big City 2 APK 9.4.3
Name Little Big City 2
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 9.4.3
Size 28.55 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Gameloft SE
Price Free
Google Play Link

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We all live in a city. Well, most of us do. If you look closely, the city wasn’t built in a day. This was the result of years, decades and even millennia of constant work. The people most probably started from a fertile and vast land. But today, we’ve had countless cities all over the world and they are all stunning.


If you’ve always wanted to build your own city, Little Big City 2 is the perfect game for you! This game was developed by Gameloft SE and it already has 10 million downloads in Google Play Store! Aside from that, there are plenty of things you can do in this game that you can’t do elsewhere! Read on to know more.

What is Little Big City 2?

When we were kids, we’d often get lost in thoughts of imagining things. Maybe you’ve even imagined creating your own city that will stand above all. Whatever your city is like, there’s good news! Now, you can create your own virtual city from scratch thanks to Little Big City 2!

Little Big City 2 is a city builder game that has over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store. In this game, you’ll help the mayor build the city as the city planner. Erect houses, buildings, skyscrapers, parks, amusement centers and more! You are in charge of making sure that everything is convenient for the citizens and your city will attract more! Invest in state-of-the-art tech to build your city of dreams. All is possible in Little Big City 2! Read on to know more.

Features of Little Big City 2

Little Big City 2 is a game that lets you build your own city using the resources in the game. In this one, you can build the city in your own style. Here are its features:

Unique gameplay – Back in the days, we used sand and buckets to create houses. But thanks to technology, we can now play a game that allows us to virtually create a city that will rival even the ones in real life! In this game, you can choose the style of your city: traditional or modern! Or you can even incorporate both! You can create houses, buildings and even skyscrapers using the resources you gather. But building your dream city costs more than you think! That’s why you constantly need to bring in more new citizens to live in your city.


Engaging story – In this game, you’ll help the wacky mayor make important decisions that will benefit the city! You may also need to listen to your advisors every now and then when tackling important issues. This will ensure that the city you build will not run into problematic issues that will hinder the growth of your city. But there’s tons of adventure to expect in this game!

Events – As you build your city, you will also handle spontaneous events that will impact the design of your city. There are tons to do in this game, you just need to be excited.

Epic graphics – You can’t appreciate the beauty of a virtual city unless it’s designed-well, right? Don’t worry as in Little Big City 2, the 3D graphics will impress you and your potential citizens. Creating a detailed city is within reach thanks to Little Big City 2.


Easy controls – Since this is more of a city simulation game, you don’t need to know any complex controls. You just need to tap and drag the necessary elements to build the city of your dreams. That’s it, that’s how simple this game is.

Download Little Big City 2  APK – Latest version

Little Big City 2 is an epic city building game that allows you to create your dream city! Download now to enjoy!

Download Little Big City 2 [28.55 Mb]


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