Law Empire Tycoon APK 2.4.2

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If you want to start your law firm, play Law Empire Tycoon APK now and enjoy! You can grow your firm here by winning cases, hiring lawyers, and more.

Law Empire Tycoon APK 2.4.2
Name Law Empire Tycoon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.4.2
Size 193.61 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Codigames
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download Law Empire Tycoon APK – Manage Law Firm

There are many types of professions in the world today that we can pursue. Most professions today are engineer, physician, accountant, lawyer, teacher, web designer, software developer, and many more.

Lawyers are the ones responsible for defending or pursuing a case in courts worldwide. Because of their job, they’re mostly paid highly today. In the game Law Empire Tycoon, you can enjoy managing an entire law firm with you as the boss!

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Here, you left your old law firm to start a new one as you wish to start a business. You’ll then take on many challenges here as you try to grow your firm, as you can take many cases. You’ll need to grow your reputation if you want to increase your income and popularity.

To do this, you’ll need to win some cases at first, and you can do this by gathering evidence, hiring lawyers, and improving a variety of things. You can do many things to improve your law firm today!

Manage a Law Firm

There are so many amazing games that you can have fun with right now. With so many amazing games available, you can enjoy many of them, but the best ones are the simulation games.

Today, you can play a variety of simulation games in which you’ll enjoy a specific thing. In the game Law Empire Tycoon, you’ll be able to manage your law firm today as you take on many challenges!

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Here, you’ll manage everything from the cases to the lawyers and many upgrades. Here, you’ll take on many challenging cases, and then you can assign them to the lawyers you hire.

Here, you can have fun with so many cases as you collect clues needed to win the case. You’ll be able to defend clients and win many cases today so you can earn money. You’ll be able to manage your entire law firm here as you hire more lawyers.

You can also upgrade various aspects here, such as the lawyer’s suit, paperwork, clues, and many more.

Features of Law Empire Tycoon

If you want to enjoy managing a law firm, then Law Empire Tycoon is the game you should download.

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Manage a law firm – There are so many professions in the world that you can pursue right now. But one of the most popular professions is a lawyer as they’re responsible for defending clients.

Their job entails a lot of research, fact-finding, and arguing in court. As such, it’s such a challenging and rewarding job today. If you’re ready to manage your law firm, you’ll be able to download Law Empire Tycoon now.

In this game, you’ll manage your law firm as you try to solve many cases and defend clients. There are so many amazing things you can do here as you’ll manage your firm. Here, you’ll need to start at the bottom as you’ll solve meager cases as you try to collect pieces of evidence and present them to court.

Here, you’ll be able to attend the cases as you’ll be the one in charge of everything. Here, you can also upgrade your department, unlock many departments, and hire new lawyers to increase your income.

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Manage many departments – In this game, you’ll be able to unlock and manage many departments in your law firm. You’ll be able to open new offices as you upgrade your firm today. Take on many cases like divorce, scam, traffic tickets, theft, and many more.

This game lets you make business decisions as you’re the one who owns your law firm today. Enjoy doing research and having fun with managing your law firm as you grow it today.

Hire lawyers – One of your responsibilities in Law Empire Tycoon as the head is to manage your staff. Here, you’ll study the situation and assign cases to the appropriate lawyers that you have.

This game lets you hire lawyers, receptionists, and other staff so you can improve your law firm today. You’ll need to manage the salaries of your employees so you can keep the business afloat!

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Upgrade many things – In Law Empire Tycoon, you’ll be able to enjoy upgrading many things today.

You can hire new lawyers, upgrade your offices, suits, types of cases, and many more. Keep upgrading today so you can enjoy earning more money!

Download Law Empire Tycoon APK

If you want to enjoy managing your law firm, download Law Empire Tycoon now and have fun.

Download Law Empire Tycoon [193.61 Mb]


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