Kuku FM APK 4.2.3

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Do you listen to audiobooks, podcasts and read stories? There are plenty of audiobooks, audio novels, and podcasts in Kuku FM! Download and enjoy.

Kuku FM APK 4.2.3
Name Kuku FM
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.2.3
Size 108.16 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Developer Kuku FM
Price Free
Google Play Link com.vlv.aravali

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Kuku FM APK – Listen, Read and Learn

We listen to many music, audiobooks, and podcasts nowadays, thanks to social media platforms. There are many content creators now that are tirelessly creating content for us to devour on the internet.

With this, we don’t need to buy digital books or to listen to the radio anymore. So, where is the best place to listen to audiobooks and podcasts today? With Kuku FM, you can listen to all the hottest audiobooks from international and local authors!

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There are also many love stories that you can enjoy here, such as Billionaire Mom, Shiddat, Sirf Tum, Hai Dil Ka Kya Kasoor, Destination Wedding Siyappa, Kaala Teeka, and many more! Aside from that, you can listen to different podcasts for religion and spirituality, audio courses, and many more.

You can also listen to a lot of online courses so you can learn on the go today. With this, you don’t need to buy books to get them all in one place with a subscription!

Listen, Learn and Enjoy

A lot of people enjoy reading books right now since they contain a lot of information. A good book can help you learn so many things and allow you to enjoy various stories. But throughout the years, technologies have changed drastically, allowing us to enjoy more things.

Today, there are countless platforms for streaming music and media as well as books! Yes, audiobooks have become popular lately because many people today own smartphones now.

So, if you’re looking for a place where you can access many podcasts and audiobooks, look no further and download Kuku FM! This app contains thousands of audiobooks in different categories such as personal finance, biography, romance, and many more.

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There are also audiobook summaries that help people learn the things they need in minutes! The best ones include Rich Dad Poor Dad, Power of Habit, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, The Secret, and Mini Habits.

There are also audio stories that will fill you with different emotions! There are love stories, religion, and many more. Enjoy podcasts and audio courses in the app as well!

Kuku FM Features

There are so many features you can get on Kuku FM! This is an all-in-one app that lets you listen to so many books:

Listen and learn – There are so many books you can read today that different authors have written throughout the years. These books contain other techniques, learnings, and information into a world you’ve yet to discover. This is why many people are addicted to reading books since they can gain a lot of information and even stories in them.

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Today, many apps are offering a place where you can listen to many audiobooks. But we recommend Kuku FM as it’s a complete one.

With this app, you can access tons of audiobooks in more than ten genres, such as crime, horror, personal finance, and many more. Tons of self-help audiobooks can help you manage your money, motivate yourself, and many more.

Then, you can also listen to online courses about specific topics on business, motivation, meditation, self-help, and many more! Enjoy them all when you subscribe to a plan here.

1,000+ Audiobooks – There are so many books available to read nowadays. But in Kuku FM, you can listen to more than thousands of audiobooks. As you know, converting text to audio isn’t an easy task, but the app updates regularly to provide fresh ones.

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Here, you can access different audiobooks from personal finance to motivation and more. These audiobooks are enjoyable since you can learn a lot from them without having to read.

Book summaries – If you’re pressed on time, you can also enjoy plenty of book summaries with Kuku FM! Here, you can access many book summaries, which allows you to devour the whole book in minutes. This will save you time as you go throughout your day, and you don’t even need to read the entire book.

Here, you can enjoy book summaries like The Secret, Mini Habits, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, and many more.

Audio stories – There are also many audio stories that you can enjoy today. These are entertaining stories that will let you feel many types of emotions. There are audio stories in horror, action, romance, crime, and many more.

Enjoy popular ones now like Kaala Teeka, Sirf Tum, Fir Mulaqat Hogi, and many more.

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Audio courses and podcasts – With Kuku FM, you can also enjoy audio lessons and podcasts on various topics. Learn a specific topic now and enjoy doing it in your free time!

Personalized recommendations – This app also provides you with customized recommendations based on your interests.

Download Kuku FM Premium APK – Latest version

Enjoy learning and being entertained with countless audiobooks and stories now in Kuku FM!

Download Kuku FM [108.16 Mb]


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