Katastar APK 1.0.5

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You’re able to download so many apps today, but Katastar APK is one of the best. It lets you view all the information on the land area for business purposes today.

Katastar APK 1.0.5
Name Katastar
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.0.5
Size 7 MB
Category Maps & Navigation
Developer Katastar, INC
Price Free

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Download Katastar APK – Real Estate App

If you’re someone who loves to use your phone, you can use it for many purposes today. There are a lot of apps that were made for a variety of purposes today.

There are apps for games, editing, watching, listening to music, and even social media apps. You can also enjoy an app called Katastar, which lets you see the graphical view of any real estate today.

katastar apk

With this app, you can see all the essential information you need regarding any piece of land today. The app lets you see the building land registered number, price, lease register, and many more.

You’ll be able to scout for available lots as well as see the other lots in any area worldwide today. The app is free, and it retrieves information from the Geodetic Cadastral Information System. Download it now for free and use it for business and personal purposes!

Real Estate App

You’re able to enjoy so many apps right now, thanks to smartphones and the internet. With these technological advances, we can freely have fun downloading free apps that serve various purposes. There are all sorts of different apps that you can enjoy right now for free.

But if you’re looking for a specific app you can download about real estate; then you’re free to find them. One particular app that can cater to your needs is Katastar, as it allows you to enjoy the graphical representation of any property.

katastar apk latest version

With this app, you can see the fine details of any property so that you don’t need to go to any government office. Here, you’ll see the location, lot number, building number, and other important info on the map.

With this app, you can see a lot of data that you can use in your real estate work or business. It’s a helpful app that can be used by everyone regardless of their location worldwide. With this app, you should be able to make your work faster.

Katastar Highlights

If you’re looking for an app that would make your real estate work more accessible, then Katastar is the best one to download.

katastar mk apk

Free Real Estate App – In the market today, you’ll find many apps that you can freely download. Free apps are available for different categories like music, games, entertainment, navigation, work, recreation, and many more.

You’re able to enjoy so many apps for various purposes right now as you can search for them freely. But if you’re searching for something to do with real estate, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll talk about Katastar!

This is an app you can use to search for more information about a specific real estate piece. Whether it’s a building, house, or a lot, you can freely search for more info about it here.

katastar apk download

The app utilizes the Geodetic Cadastral Information System so you can get what you need. With this, you can search for the lot number, community, department, building, and other important info.

Get info on any location – With Katastar, you’re free to search for any lot and real estate property worldwide. You’ll be able to get all the essential information that you need today. These include the lot number, building info, area, and many more.

You’re free to search for any property in the world right now for free. This app uses the Geodetic Cadastral Information System so you can get all the info you need. It also features a geographic map of the real estate property to make your research easier!

download katastar apk for android

Free to use – Since getting info on any real estate property takes hard work and even money, you’ll be glad to download Katastar. This is a free app created by a real estate agency for their clients. With this, you can get all the info you need without any additional research!

Map – This app is equipped with a geographical map that shows you all the essential data at a glance. Feel free to search for any real estate property now!

Download Katastar APK – Latest version

If you’re searching for something to use for real estate, try Katastar now, a free app!

Download Katastar [7 MB]


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