Jikage Rising APK 1.19c

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Do you love Naruto? Then, download Jikage Rising APK This is an adult Naruto simulation game you can have fun. You can have fun with the women here!

Jikage Rising APK 1.19c
Name Jikage Rising
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.19c
Size 507 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Smiling Dog
Price Free

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Download Jikage Rising APK – Naruto Simulation

There are much anime shows available right now that you can watch. Over the years, many people have been watching anime shows and movies since there are many.

The influence of anime can be felt worldwide as there are a lot of shows being aired everywhere. One of the most popular anime shows ever is Naruto and Jikage Rising, which you can enjoy! This is an adult simulation with which you can have fun.

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Even though this is a game inspired by Naruto, it’s not suitable for kids. It’s only for people over 18 years old as it’s an adult simulation game. It’s set in the village of Konoha, where there are a lot of Naruto characters living there.

Your task is to help a mysterious being revive its clan by taking control of the women on Konoha. Taking control means you’ll do whatever it takes to gain their trust by doing physical interactions!

Entertaining Naruto Game

There are many anime shows available for you to enjoy right now. These are animated cartoons that originated in Japan which are aired all over the world today. The anime industry has significantly grown over the past decades, and it’s now one of the biggest in the entertainment industry.

Today, there are many popular anime shows you can watch, including Naruto. In the game Jikage Rising, you’ll be able to reminisce and enjoy a whole new present! This game is a simulation that can stimulate your senses.

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This isn’t fighting or an RPG game, but it’s an adult simulation one. Here, your goal is to help revive the clan of the mysterious being that came to you one night.

To do this, you’ll need to take control of the women of Konoha, who will have a great deal of influence in the future. You’ll start by getting a disguise as you take control of the women and their bodies. You’ll be able to do whatever you want here as you follow the unique story.

There are plenty of places to go to in the village!

Jikage Rising Highlights

You’ll be able to enjoy so many anime shows right now, such as Naruto. With Jikage Rising, you can even play in the village.

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Naruto simulation – There are many exciting things you can do right now if you want to. There is plenty of anime shows you can watch and enjoy, and they’re all entertaining as well.

You can enjoy and download so many Naruto games right now that focus on fighting and the story. But if you’re sick of those regular games, then try something new! Jikage Rising is an adult Naruto simulation game that you’ll enjoy playing.

In this game, you’ll enjoy a new story where you’ll need to help a mysterious being revive its clan. Here, it would help if you took control of the women of Konoha slowly using unique techniques.

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You’ll then be able to go to many places here such as the Hokage Office, Home, Hyuga Mansion, General Store, Bathhouse, Yamanaka Flowers, Ramen Ichiraku, Clothing Store, and more. You’ll be able to do many good things to the women here as you try to take control of the village.

Meet many Naruto characters – If you’re someone who loves watching Naruto, then you’ll fall in love with Jikage Rising. This isn’t your ordinary Naruto game that involves fighting, talking, or any other boring things. Instead, you’ll be able to meet the women of Konoha such as Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata, Temari, Ino, Konan, Tenten, Karin, Kurenai, and many more.

Your goal is to help a mysterious being revive its clan. Here, you’ll enjoy the characters as they’re all from Naruto! If you’re a massive fan of the show, then this is a game that you should download.

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Entertaining story – Unlike other Naruto games, this one lets you enjoy a unique story. It’s not one that you’ve seen or read in the manga or anime. It’s a unique one that involves a mysterious being showing before you and asking you to help revive their clan.

Here, you’ll need to do specific techniques so you can put the women in a trance. This will let you do what you want with them as you pleasure yourself. Here, you’ll be able to take control of the women in the village to fulfill the missions.

Do what you want – This is an adult simulation game, so you can do what you want! It doesn’t limit you on where you want to go in the village anytime. But you can also follow the story and complete it.

Download Jikage Rising APK – Latest version

If you’re someone who enjoys Naruto, download Jikage Rising apk enjoy an adult simulation game.

Download Jikage Rising [507 MB]
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