Idle School Tycoon APK 1.7.7

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Managing a school is a complex task. Idle School Tycoon APK lets players explore and become the principal. The success of the students is in your hands!

Idle School Tycoon APK 1.7.7
Name Idle School Tycoon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.7.7
Size 204.74 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Octopus game
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download Idle School Tycoon APK – Run A School

Schools are a place of learning for many people in the world. Starting at an early age, people attend schools to learn and become life-long achievers. Idle School Tycoon is a popular game under the tycoon genre.

From Octopus Game, this one has over a million downloads in the Google Play Store. It contains many positive reviews because it has a lot of elements.

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As a tycoon game, all you’ll be doing is managing everything to run the school perfectly. As the principal, there are numerous responsibilities that fall to you.

One of them is making sure the dormitories are well-equipped, classrooms are conducive, and every facility is working. If this sounds exciting for you, there are a lot more tasks to look forward to. But the most important of them all is to make sure to educate the students! 

How Does an Idle Tycoon Game Work?

Throughout the years, there have been new subgenres that have sprung out from main ones. As part of the simulation category, idle tycoon games are a popular alternative. 

The goal of these games is to make the player take on a managerial role. Instead of the usual game where you take control of a character, you’ll just be watching at the top.

The beauty of these games lies in the fact that the success of a business lies in the hands of the players. There are so many decisions to be made in a business. In Idle School Tycoon, the player will act as the principal who’s in charge of everything.

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Managing a school is just a business and you’re the one who will do it all. From hiring staff to improving the facilities, the responsibilities are endless. But the best part is that when you’re getting rich from all the students enrolling!

As you’ll be taking on a managerial role, the game will be played like you’re a god. You’ll be seeing everything from the top and you can make improvements and adjustments easily. For instance, you can buy different items and decorate the dormitory.

Features That You’ll Love in Idle School Tycoon

As a principal in Idle School Tycoon, you’ll be doing a lot of work. The game is packed with these features that you’ll love:

Build Facilities – A school needs various facilities to run properly. Part of your responsibility in Idle School Tycoon is to ensure that the needs of the students are taken care of.

The goal is to build sustainable restaurants, clean dormitories and expand the classrooms. The game allows you to build new buildings and facilities to make the lives of the students better. But take note that each facility costs lots of money to build.

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Expand your operations – As you school grows in the number of students, so are your facilities. Overtime, you’ll need to unlock more classrooms, build more buildings, and create more facilities. Think of this as an investment to make more money!

Hire your staff – A school can’t run without its staff. The most important members aside from the principal are the teachers. In Idle School Tycoon, one of your tasks is to hire employees.

But you won’t be doing them in an old fashion. Instead, you can buy cards which would present different staff. The game arranges the cards in various categories like Super Scholar, Budgeting, Book Bidding, Application, Body Builder, Librarian, and more.

Different cards have various effects. Some may reduce the cost of the books, and some may increase your sales. Overall, it’s with your best interest to unlock the best cards.

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Handle different tasks – From time to time, the game will throw out unexpected tasks to the principal. As the head of the school, you should be able to solve different scenarios.

There would be student fights, employees asking for a raise and more. The school will run smoothly if you can handle these problems. Don’t expect a smooth sailing life since this is still a business.

Cool visuals – The visuals of Idle School Tycoon are on par with any idle tycoon game there is. The 3D aspect is apparent as are the effects. The game gives you a bird’s eye view to see everything from the top.

This means you can go to any part of the school like the cafeteria to the dorms easily. You can also zoom in and out so you can see the bigger picture and small details. 

Tour various maps – There are also different maps here to unlock and explore. These include the College of Mechanical Engineering, Culinary Institute of Galaxy, Lvy International College and more.

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The game will give you a cursor hand that will act as you. You can control everything just by tapping the screen and buttons.

Download Idle School Tycoon APK – latest version

Growing a school is a challenging task that only a worth principal can do. Challenge yourself in Idle School Tycoon!

Download Idle School Tycoon [204.74 Mb]


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