Grow Empire: Rome APK 1.39.1

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Download Grow Empire Rome APK – Unlimited gems – free for Android now to take command of Rome’s legions and expand your empire’s borders for greatness.

Grow Empire: Rome APK 1.39.1
Name Grow Empire: Rome
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.39.1
Size 100.70 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Games Station
Price Free
Google Play Link com.empire.grow.rome

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I came, I downloaded, I conquered. Download Grow Empire Rome APK for Android to take control of Rome’s vast and powerful armies and expand your imperial borders beyond the known horizons. In the ancient world, greatness is measured by conquest.

Grow Empire Rome APK combines strategy and RPG gameplay with tower defense elements. The result is a remarkably diverse game that doesn’t get boring easily thanks to its wide array of different game modes. You can command legions to conquer far off cities and provinces, while defending your own lands against incoming armies of Iberian barbarians, Carthaginians, and Etruscans legionaries to name but a few.

Strategy RGP tower defense game

There are few mobile games that go so far as to combine so many different styles of gameplay under one roof. Grow Empire Rome APK is a unique blend of strategy, RPG and tower defense gameplay. You’ll be able to play out your battles and upgrade your fortresses to defend against attacking armies. There is also a siege element to the game.

Build powerful armies

Of course, to make your soldiers more effective, you’ll need to upgrade them routinely. You can train four different types of soldiers, they are:

  • Archers: These are your primary defense alongside the wall during siege battles, so having archers is essential. They have a combat bonus against spearmen.
  • Spearmen: Spearmen are strong defensive units with good range that have a combat bonus against cavalry. No army is complete without them.
  • Cavalry: The fist of any army, cavalry can punch a hole through an enemy line with deadly efficiency. Their speed and maneuverability makes them ideal for flanking the enemy line and attacking from the rear with devastating results. Cavalry are particularly effective against archers.
  • Swordsmen: The basic infantry unit, Roman swordsmen made up the backbone of the army and are effective in both offense and defense. They have no special combat bonuses or weaknesses against other units.

Upgrading all your units to level 10 will make them much more effective in battle. Try to upgrade them at an equal pace so that your army‘s strength is well balanced. You can also recruit battering rams for siege battles.

Solidify your defenses

The enemy is coming. You must ensure that your defenses are prepped. You should aim to upgrade your wall to level 10 as soon as possible, for this is ultimately your most solid line of defense. After that, make sure that your towers have some upgrades, as well as the archers who man them. Focus on the catapults last, as they’re only really useful against elephants.

Tips for playing Grow Empire Rome APK

If you’re new to this game, then you’ll already have some idea of how to play it from the tips we’ve mentioned above. Still, here’s some more so you have the best start.

  • Invade territories for gold: Gold is running low? Why do you think the Romans built an empire? For fun? It was because of all the gold they could make from those conquered territories.
  • Speed up the battle: There’s a little ‘play’ button in the top of the screen which will speed up the battle. This is actually quite useful.
  • Watch ads for gold: Everyone hates ads, but they’re there if you want to watch them and you can get some gold for doing so.

Grow Empire Rome APK

The sinews of war? Unlimited money. Download the Grow Empire Rome APK unlimited gems now to build the ultimate empire and sow the seeds of civilization around the world. Your destiny is calling – seize it.

Download Grow Empire: Rome [100.70 Mb]


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