GB Instagram APK 3.80

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Download GB Instagram APK – latest version – Free for Android and experience Instagram without limits! Enjoy all the powerful features that this app offers for free.

GB Instagram APK 3.80
Name GB Instagram
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.80
Size 37 MB
Category Social
Developer Atnfas Hoak
Price Free

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We can’t deny that social media sites have taken over our lives. And one of the biggest social media platforms today is Instagram which is owned by Facebook. With more than 4.1 billion users monthly, this site is where you post pictures and videos to gain followers. It’s a powerful social media website for individuals and businesses to build their brand and reach more people.


But however powerful Instagram is, there are limits in place. For instance, you can’t easily download photos, videos or stories from the site. You can use a third-party app or site but that takes more steps. Here’s where GB Instagram takes over. This app allows you to natively download all these media files plus other feature! If you’ve never heard of this app before, here’s everything you need to know about it!

What is GB Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular social media platform that’s visited by millions of people every day. It allows people to share their photos, videos with everyone they want to connect with. And as for brands and businesses, it allows them to reach their target customers both organically or paid. But even if Instagram is a powerful platform, it has certain limitations in place.

For instance, you can’t zoom in on photos in the Instagram app. This presents a lot of challenges especially if the objects in the photos are so small that you need to zoom in. Also, the app doesn’t allow you to customize a lot of things to keep everything clean. But if you’re one of those people who like to tinker a lot, this is a major turn off. Then, there’s also the problem of always being online. In the Instagram platform, you can’t hide your presence to unwanted people. Thus, you’re forced to conversations that you don’t want to have at the moment.


All those changes when you have the GB Instagram app! This app allows you to solve all those problems and more! This is perfect for you if you want to have full control over your Instagram access. The app is the same as Instagram but it has custom codes and small files embedded into it which allows you to have other features. There are other apps like this one but most of them require you to have a rooted device first. But with GB Instagram, you don’t need to have a rooted device! You just need to download this app and you’re already good to go! That’s how fast and convenient this app is.

Features of GB Instagram

If you think that GB Instagram is just another app, you’re wrong! This app is everything you’ll ever need and more! Here are its features:

Zoom – In the original Instagram app, there’s no feature to zoom in the photos or profile pictures. This makes it very hard to see the picture especially if there are small elements in it. But with GB Instagram, you can freely zoom in to the images as much as you like! No need to save the photos to your phone just to zoom in on them.


Automatic Translation – Instagram is an app that billions of people around the world use. It only makes sense to have an automatic translation feature in it like Facebook. However, this isn’t the case with Instagram as there’s no feature for this yet. But with GB Instagram, you can instantly translate all languages into English. This is a useful feature because now you don’t have to translate them manually into Google Translate.

Mark the Messages – Another useful feature that the original Instagram lacks is the ability to mark messages. What this means is in GB Instagram, you can mark any chat as a favorite. This will put your favorites in one place and at the top of the chats. This will ensure that any important conversations are always prioritized instead of being bogged down with multiple useless chats. Now, you don’t have to scroll down too long just to find the chats that are important to you.

Two Accounts – In the original Instagram app, you can only use one account at a time. But thanks to GB Instagram, you can use 2 accounts just like in FB! You can freely switch between your personal or business account with one tap. Now you don’t have to always manually log in your info just to update your accounts.


Customization – For the people who like to tinker with the settings, the customization feature of GB Instagram is sure to lighten up their day! What this does is that it allows you to choose various themes from the library. In addition, you can also change the fonts to however you want! Now you don’t have to settle for the normal black and white theme that Instagram uses. You can choose your own and impress your friends and followers!

Hide Your Online Presence – In the original Instagram app, once we’re online, we can’t erase our presence. But what if you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve viewed their status or story? This is where this feature comes in handy! In GB Instagram, with just a tap of a button, you’ll become invisible at least for a while. If you don’t want others to know your digital footprint, this is one way to get rid of it.

Copy Other’s Bios – At times, we might come across an interesting bio that we want to copy. But in the original Instagram app, it doesn’t let us copy it. It becomes a chore once we need to manually copy everything. But in GB Instagram, we have the option to copy people’s bios or post captions instantly! Not only that but you can even copy comments from a post! That’s how powerful this app is.


Delete Notifications – Sometimes we just want to delete notifications for some reason. But the original Instagram app doesn’t allow this. Thanks to GB Instagram, GB Instagram, we can now do so!

GB Instagram APK – Latest version

GB Instagram allows you to fully experience Instagram at its finest! Download the latest version of this mod so you can change themes, fonts, and have access to a lot more exclusive features!

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Download GB Instagram [37 MB]


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