Gaia Odyssey Mod APK 34.0 (Unlimited Everything)

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Download Gaia Odyssey Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to go on quests and missions to save the world in style! Fight monsters and upgrade your character!

Gaia Odyssey Mod APK 34.0 (Unlimited Everything)
Name Gaia Odyssey
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 34.0
Size 254.49 Mb
MOD Unlimited Everything
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Google Play Link com.eyougame.xjhx.en
MOD Features +

The RPG world is full of games that may look the same, they are unique in their own ways. Each of these games have different quests and objectives that players need to complete. Aside from that, there are also unique characters and skills to obtain.


One of the most severely underrated RPG games today is Gaia Odyssey. A game with only a hundred thousand downloads in Google Play Store, this creation by EYOUGAME(USS) is setting out to be epic! This is an intense ARPG game that allows you to save the kingdom! Here, you’ll go on epic quests and missions that will allow your character to grow physically and mentally. Can you save the kingdom and become its best knight?

Save the Kingdom

Have you ever dreamed of saving a kingdom? Perhaps by being a knight that has powers and skills beyond measure? Even if you haven’t dreamed this, you got to admit that this is pretty cool, right? That’s exactly what Gaia Odyssey is all about!


In this ARPG game, you get to explore a vast kingdom filled with monsters that will help you level up! Complete various quests and missions and slowly save the kingdom from chaos. Aside from that, you can also encounter other players to take part in PVP matches! But if you’re ultra-conscious about your appearance, don’t worry as you can customize your costumes with plenty of different ones as well as hairstyles that suit your personality. All of these and more await you as you make your way to the world of Gaia!

Features of Gaia Odyssey

Gaia Odyssey may seem like a typical RPG game at first, but it’s got unique weapons and game mechanics you’ve never seen before! Here are its features:


Massive Magical World – RPG games are known for their massive maps that span acres in-game to accommodate dungeons and millions of players worldwide. The same is true with Gaia Odyssey! Here, you will enter a magical world full of magnificent dungeons, castles, buildings and more! Explore the game to immerse yourself in some epic quests and build your character as well. In here, the developers have designed such a massive and wonderful world for everyone to play in. No expense has been spared as you realize that this game spans as far as you can see.

Quests and Missions – The main objective in this game is to save the kingdom. But in order to do that, you are given quests and missions to complete. The series of quests you’re given increase in difficulty as time goes by. Here, you’ll mostly Complete quests that ask you to defeat monsters for rewards. You’ll also encounter different classes of beasts. Moreover, you can also have your own spirits to strengthen your character!

Level up your character – In terms of your character, you can level it up by completing quests and gaining rewards. Of course, these quests have varying difficulties which yields certain rewards for all players. Aside from that, you can continuously level up and obtain powerful skills so you can complete quests and fight against other players in PVP mode. Aside from that, you can also meet the love of your life in here. Go to the Oath Hall to make promises and interact with your partner to receive rewards!

Stunning 3D graphics and controls – Since this is an RPG game, it only makes sense that the 3D graphics of this game would blow your mind. Every detail has been planned and every character is designed well.


Weapons and skills – As you play the game, you’ll encounter different monsters that you can eliminate. Aside from that you can get stunning weapons and skills so you can increase your stats!

Download Gaia Odyssey Mod APK – Latest version

Gaia Odyssey is an awesome RPG game that allows players to explore a vast world! Download the latest version and enjoy now.

Download Gaia Odyssey [254.49 Mb]
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