Gacha Want APK 1.8

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Do you enjoy playing avatar creation games? If so, you can freely enjoy Gacha Want APK now. Access all the enjoyable clothes, faces and more here.

Gacha Want APK 1.8
Name Gacha Want
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.8
Size 128 MB
Category Casual
Developer Lunime
Price Free

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Download Gacha Want APK – Avatar Creation

You can find so many interesting mobile games that you can play now and enjoy. If you’re one of the millions of gamers who love to create, then you’ll be able to enjoy and download these games.

We’re talking about creation games which belong in the casual and simulation genre. If you’re looking for the best games, then you can try Gacha Want now which is a unique casual game.

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In this exciting game, the system lets you create various characters by customizing everything. You can create an entirely new character by customizing the face, body, accessories, and clothes. There are many items to choose from which you can unlock anytime here.

Unlike in the original game, you don’t have to pay anything to get all these items. Then, you’re able to play in the Studio so you can make any scenes that you want. Take a picture of your characters doing different poses in various backgrounds. There are also other things to do here.

Unique Creations

You’ll find so many exciting games for you to play now in so many available genres. Thanks to numerous game developers, we’re seeing so many fun games to play. We’re able to enjoy countless games available in different genres like racing, shooting, RPG, action and more.

You’re free to play many casual games available for you today for free. But if you’re looking for games that will take you to different places and scenes, you can enjoy Gacha Want now. This is one of the most in-demand games today.

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We’re seeing many different types of this game, and this is just one of them. In the original game, you were limited to the free items which you can use to customize characters.

But in this one, you can use all the available items plus some items that only exist in this version. Here, you can create entirely unique characters using your skills. You can change the face, body, clothes, and accessories to your preference.

Here, you can also have pets, chat with others, play mini games and go to the Studio to create epic scenes.

Gacha Want Capabilities

If you’re someone who enjoys playing unique creation games, then Gacha Want is the best one yet.

Creation game – Who would’ve thought that we can now play games on our phones 20 years ago? Back then, phones weren’t this advanced and only a few people had them. But now, everyone has a phone even kids since they’ve become more available worldwide.

There are also many games that people play now as more and more developers are creating them. In Gacha Want, you can create the best characters that you can think of and enjoy many scenes and things with them.

gacha want apk download

If you’re tired of the usual games, then this one is a breath of fresh air. In this game, you’ll be able to concoct your own avatars using various available elements. You can change the body, head, clothes, props and even add pets to your characters.

You can make the characters whatever you want them to look like such as a popular character or a unique one. Then, you can also play with them in the Battle tab where you can fight monsters. There are many mini games and the Studio to enjoy here.

Distinct characters – You can enjoy creating different avatars in this game today. The game was designed for players to create all the best characters that they can think of. The characters are all cute and anime-like so there are set elements for you to choose from.

gacha want apk

But there are different parts to customize like the head, body, clothes, props and even pets. There are also presets that you can use to make things easy for you. These include ones like Gacha DJ, Lemo, Luni, Charlotte and more. Then, you can name your own characters.

Battle – You can use your characters and level them up as you battle countless monsters. The game lets you have fun as there are multiple weapons to use and skills to display.

You can have fun when you put together compatible characters in a team. Here, you can fight monsters as you gain more XP so you can earn rewards. If you love unique games, then this should be the one that you’re playing now. Chat with your friends and meet with them in the game!

Mini games and Studio – In the game, there’s a studio which lets you do any scene that you want. You can create unique scenes befitting of different stories.

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You can make your character do any pose and add the perfect background. Then, you can take a photo and share it with everyone. There are also mini games to play using your characters.

Download Gacha Want APK – Latest version

Want a relaxing simulation game with tons of things to do? Install Gacha Want now and you can have the best time ever.

Download Gacha Want [128 MB]


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