Gacha Universal APK 1.1.0

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If you love cute casual games, then you can download Gacha Universal APK to create your character. You can also enjoy the studio, mini games, and more.

Gacha Universal APK 1.1.0
Name Gacha Universal
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.1.0
Size 162 MB
Category Casual
Developer Lunime
Price Free

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Download Gacha Universal APK – Customize Character

You’re free to download all sorts of amazing mobile games in different genres now. There are a lot of incredible games nowadays which lets you have fun in so many ways than you can imagine.

You’ll be able to download many games today in a variety of genres like action, horror, thriller and more. But if you’re looking to play a fun game today, try Gacha Universal now which is a free game.

gacha universal apk download

We’re all a sucker for free games but in this one, you can create a unique Gacha character from scratch. You can also select from the presets available, and you can edit it however you want. You can enjoy characters like Default Girl, Default Boy, Luni, Lemo, Yuni, Rein, Gacha DJ (B), Ramunade and more.

You can then customize the body, head, clothes, and add many accessories today. In this game, you can put your characters in the studio to make many poses and enjoy a story. There are also battles and mini games here.

Colorful World

We’re seeing a lot of mobile games available today to be played anytime we want. Thanks to a lot of mobile games, we don’t have to be bored anytime we’re at a seminar, park or while waiting at the restaurant.

You can just whip out your phone and start playing any game from RPG to fighting to action and more. If you’re a fan of casual games that lets you enter a whole new world, then you can download Gacha Universal now.

gacha universal apk mod

If you’re a fan of these games, then this one will let you create a lot of unique characters. You can create one from scratch or get the help of a preset with a determined style.

You can randomly select a preset or even copy everything or just the hair, clothes, or the color. There are countless customizations to do with your characters as you can get them in the studio and start the show. Pose your characters however you like and take a picture.

There are a lot of mini games and battles you can enjoy here today.

Gacha Universal Features

If you love a relaxing game, then enjoy Gacha Universal now. In this fun game, you’re able to create Gacha characters.

Colorful game – We’re free to download all types of games available on our mobile phones today. There are many choices to choose from and we can easily download anything we want.

There are many available games to enjoy in the casual genre as it’s one of the most popular. If you love playing interesting casual games, then you can download Gacha Universal. This is one of the best games as it lets you create characters that you can interact with.

gacha universal apk android

This game features cute anime characters which you can make from scratch. The game provides you with so many choices from presets or by making your own. You can customize the body, head, clothes, and even add accessories like rabbit heads, wings and many more.

The game lets you freely customize so many characters that you can use in many events. Here, you can choose to recreate any of your favorite anime characters or just enjoy randomly creating one. Then, you can enjoy an automatic RPG battle game and even mini games.

Create a character – Gacha Universal lets you create an entirely unique anime character today. These are unique characters because they are little and cute which lets you enjoy them. In this game, you can select from presets like Lemo, Yuni, Default Boy, Gacha DJ, Luni, Ramunade and more.

gacha universal apk free download

You can also choose what you like to copy from them like the hair, clothes, or the colors. But you can also create your own character from scratch as you select the clothes, head, body, and accessories. You can create up to 90 characters in your account today.

Customize – Thanks to this app, you can freely customize your characters to whatever you want them to look like. The game provides you with many selections for the eyes, ears, face, mouth, body, clothes, and accessories.

You can enjoy an entirely new character anytime you want as you can even adjust the positions and scale of the various items. In this game, you can create quite a lot of characters as you can use them for various things.

gacha universal apk

Studio and Battle – Then, you can put your characters in the studio so you can make them do any pose. You can add many backgrounds and make your characters do any story or pose. This is a fun game so you can also make them automatically battle each other in RPG style.

Mini games – There are also mini games to do here when you’re bored. You can play this free game anytime you want. There are so many things to do here.

Download Gacha Universal APK – Latest version

If you want to create unique anime characters, install Gacha Universal now and have fun.

Download Gacha Universal [162 MB]


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