Gacha Neon APK 1.7

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Download Gacha Neon 1.7 APK latest version and enjoy the newest entrant of the Gacha Club. It is a modified version of the official game that gives you more characters.

Gacha Neon APK 1.7
Name Gacha Neon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.7
Size 162 MB
Category Casual
Developer Lunime
Price Free

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Exhaustive Details about Gacha Neon APK Download

Gacha Neon APK is an enhanced version of the Gacha Club game by Lumine. It comes with more characters, pets, expressions, and costumes. As such, you can be sure that it will be super exciting playing this modded version of the game.

It adds Shadow Neon characters that are difficult to defeat. You will need to be a resilient boss to progress in the gameplay. This addition has revolutionized the gameplay as you must think outside the box.

gacha neon apk latest version

If you’ve been looking for an enhanced version of Gacha Club, you should download Gacha Neon APK for Android. The game is quite heavy (162 MBs) but has been optimized to work seamlessly with most Android devices.

What Makes Gacha Neon APK Special?

Gacha Neon is an adventure game where you need to tap and swipe to play. You can go through the quests and enjoy yourself as you progress with the missions.

It works just like the original Gacha Club, only that it includes more characters and costumes. As such, you will have more customization options when using the new version of the game.

Additionally, you will get headless and earless characters. You will also get extra expressions to help you express your emotions with ease.

gacha neon apk download android

As for the pets, you will get to enjoy new ones like poodles. They are fully customizable too, which makes Gacha Neon APK even more interesting to play. Each character has only one expression (one face option), but you can change its color and the costume.

You will also get your power boost, usually featured in some games. Each time you tap and swipe, you will receive a reward of coins and diamonds.

You can use the items to unlock new characters and costumes and enhance existing ones. As such, you will always stay ahead of the game by having better features than your opponents.

How to Play Gacha Neon APK

This game incorporates special neon characters that are powerful and effective for damage & defense. Sometimes, these characters appear like bosses, and it can be tricky to defeat them.

Like in the original game, you will create engaging storylines using your characters. You can combine items to make a customized, superior team and engage in battles.

Additionally, you can combine all the functions, free of charge, to create outstanding avatars. This enables you to participate in different kinds of stories will varying appearances. You can change the appearance of your characters to reflect the current mood.

gacha neon apk download

After character customization, you can then navigate through all game levels without restrictions. The game will contain special events and exciting gameplay that’s entertaining for both young and old people.

All the tweaks are simple yet powerful enough to enhance your game. So if you want to enjoy the game features in a better way, download Gacha Neon APK's latest version and create your unique characters.

Outstanding Features of Gacha Neon APK

  • More Character Customization Options. The game comes with unique new avatars, which you can utilize to play in your preferred style. With new pets and costumes included, there are more customization options for you to work with. It also includes characters without ears and heads.
  • No Registration Is Required. The game does not need any registration. Additionally, there are no subscription packages for the app. All you need to do is download it for free and start playing right away.
  • Unrestricted Access to the Game Levels. With Gacha Neon, you can enjoy unrestricted access through all game levels without restrictions or limitations. You will also get the freedom to create your preferred team of characters with ease.
  • New Features Added Regularly. New characters, pets, and costumes are added regularly. You will have more flexibility when selecting characters for the gameplay. Game with Endless Possibilities. The app comes with unrestricted customization options. It offers highly dynamic gameplay as you can create and use different avatars according to your preference.
gacha neon apk 2022
  • No Third-Party Advertisements. The app does not include third-party advertisements. This means that it protects your privacy and does not compromise your game experience.

Wide Collection of Music and Sounds.

The game comes with a wide collection of music and sounds, ensuring that you get the best experience when playing it. As such, you will create interesting soundtracks during the game.

Even better, the new version has a better Live Studio app. There is no chance whatsoever that you will be bored during the gameplay.

How to Download Gacha Neon APK

You can download Gacha Neon APK from any reliable third-party website. It is the latest version and includes exciting new features that allow you to enjoy high-quality gameplay.

To install the game, follow these steps:

  • Open your phone’s settings and go to Security Settings> Device Management> Allow installation from unknown sources; this depends on your device.
baixar gacha neon apk
  • Download an APK file from your favorite website.
  • Open the APK file and hit Install after reading all the terms and conditions of the app; this is to ensure that you get a safe app.

You can then open and access it without restrictions, so feel free to enjoy the game.

Even better, the Gacha Neon download offers you unrestricted customization options. As such, you can create a more personalized avatar to improve your gaming experience.


With Gacha Neon APK, you can now enjoy unlimited customization options. It enables you to create an ideal character for the game, without restrictions or limitations.

The latest version of this app includes exciting new features that allow you to play with high-quality graphics and no advertisements. So download it today and make sure your gaming experience is better than ever before.

Download Gacha Neon [162 MB]


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