Facetune2 APK 2.35.0-free

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We use our phones to take a lot of pictures. So, use Facetune2 APK now to apply makeup and quickly retouch your face! Enjoy easy controls and features now.

Facetune2 APK 2.35.0-free
Name Facetune2
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 2.35.0-free
Size 206.39 Mb
Category Photography
Developer Lightricks Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.lightricks.facetune.free

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We use makeup a lot when we go to work, events, school, or just anywhere we want. Today, cosmetics are essential not only for professionals but even for people who are at home. But thanks to smartphones, we can now take pictures anywhere we want and even edit them!

There are numerous editing apps available right now, but Facetune2 differs from the rest. This app specifically allows you to apply makeup on your photo, so it looks like you have makeup on.

facetune2 mod apk

Published by Lightricks, this app lets you retouch your photos to make them look better quickly. Most editing apps today allow you to cut and edit all your pictures at the most basic level. But this app specializes in photos taken with people in them to add makeup touches easily.

Here, you can access the retouch feature and face feature, which allows you to adjust your photos easily. You can make the adjustments as subtle or as extreme as you want!

Retouch Your Photos

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we use a lot of makeup nowadays. There’s nothing wrong with this since it allows us to highlight our faces more and cover our faults. With that, many social media influencers, artists, singers, and even ordinary people today use makeup whenever they go outside.

But what if you want to shoot a photo without wearing makeup? You can still make it look as good when you use Facetune2 today, allowing you to make adjustments and add makeup.

facetune2 apk free download

This app allows you to easily retouch your photo as you can whiten your teeth, smoothen your skin, heal acne and other faults, and more. You can also reshape your face to make it look more symmetrical quickly. Aside from that, you can easily add beauty filters to take your photo to the next level!

Crop, blur and edit your photos quickly as if you’re photoshopping them today. But what’s even better here is that you can also make subtle changes.

Whether you just want to adjust your photo or make it stand out, this is the ultimate makeup editing tool to use!

Facetune2 Features

You don’t need to use Photoshop today when you have Facetune2! This is the mobile Photoshop app that can brighten your day.

Retouch photos – Makeups are used by tons of people today as many beauty products are on the market. It allows people to revamp their looks without doing much on their faces instantly. This is why celebrities and many people use makeup whenever they go outside or go to work.

facetune2 apk latest version

But at times, we may not want to use makeup, but we still need to upload that selfie. On these occasions, you can use Facetune2, so you don’t have to apply makeup!

This app can apply retouches on your face to look better even without physically applying makeup. There’s nothing you can’t achieve with this app, as it can even brighten your eyes, face and remove blemishes.

What’s even more impressive is that it allows you to restructure your face from your nose down to your lips! Now, you can easily apply professional makeup that you can easily edit on the go.

Adjust face – A lot of people look better simply because they have a more symmetrical face. If you know about this, then you must have heard about people going through surgeries just to adjust their faces. With Facetune2, you don’t need to spend anything to get the face that you want!

facetune2 apk

This app lets you easily adjust your face as if you’re creating an avatar. Here, you can choose the best face shape you want, edit your eyes, smile, haw, nose, and eyebrows! You can make subtle adjustments easily with this app.

Remove blemishes – The app can also easily remove any flaws and imperfections on your photos. Here, you can remove freckles, acne, pimples, scars, and anything you want.

There’s a smoother function here that allows you to get rid of pimples, zits, and blemishes quickly. With just a few taps, your marks will magically go away. Now, you can have smooth skin!

Smoothen your skin – Speaking of smooth skin, you can also smoothen everything out here. With this app, you can make your skin silky smooth by applying an airbrush.

download facetune2 for android

You can also remove oily-looking skin easily and have a fresh-looking face with this app. You’re free to edit everything out and adjust the intensity!

Brighten your eyes, teeth, and skin – With Facetune2, you can also brighten your eyes, teeth, and skin so you can look more appealing. This is as easy as playing a game!

Download Facetune2 APK – Without Watermark

Who knew you could look like a supermodel with just Facetune2? Download it now and access all the features for free.

Download Facetune2 [206.39 Mb]


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