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Gacha Nox
Latest Version Of Gacha Nox
Gacha Nox v1.1.0 Mod APK

Menu Mode

  • Diamond flowers are not complete
  • Gerbera flowers are endless
  • Currency is not over yet
  • The US Dollar ends
  • Default character will not be injured (initial role of the game)
  • Default super high damage (initial role of the game)
Gacha Nox v1.1.0 APK
Gacha Nox APK 1.0 Original +

Download the supported APK file, you won’t need the other one:

  • If you use a 32-bit device download the "gacha_nox_android_32-bit.apk” file, if you use a 64-bit device download the “gacha_nox_android_64-bit.apk” file
  • If you're unsure what version to use take a look at your Gacha Club (or Gacha) title screen, it should be displayed there