Craftheim APK 3.0.4

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There are a lot of things to enjoy with Craftheim APK. It allows players to develop their own houses, chop wood, explore new islands, and more.

Craftheim APK 3.0.4
Name Craftheim
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.0.4
Size 75.76 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Google Play Link com.barsstudios.craftheim

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Craftheim APK – Lumberjack Island

If you’re a fan of the simulation genre, you’re blessed by a ton of games today. From car simulation games to even a goat simulator, you’ll find many enjoyable simulation games now.

These games aren’t for everyone because some may find them boring, but the fans will surely love them. If you’re looking for a game similar to Minecraft, then Craftheim is the closest one yet. This game lets you stay on an island as you get a lot of wood to chop.

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This is a game that tests your chopping skills, as this is all you need to do. Here, you can trade the wood you collected to the market to earn money that you can use for many things.

You can then unlock more islands, create houses, structures, bridges, and many more. There isn’t any goal other than having fun and making the most spectacular island living that you can. Enjoy hiring new loggers to help you build your farm faster!

The Ideal Island Life

The fans of the simulation genre enjoy a variety of games under this category today. You can find the unique games under this genre right now since many developers are creating them. You’ll find that you have many games to play here since they’re easy and quick to download and play.

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You’re free to download games like The Sims franchise, Goat Simulator, Car Mechanic Simulator, and many more. You’ll quickly find out that these games are fun for everyone today!

With Craftheim, you can enjoy the most spectacular game for the ages! Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the island life that you’ve always wanted to live. Here, you can chop as many trees as you can to get resources such as wood.

You can then trade these resources in the market for money so you can upgrade and unlock a lot of lands. Here, you can go to many islands, and you can build the ultimate home for yourself!

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This game is easy to enjoy since all you have to do is chop trees repeatedly and create. You can also hire loggers to help you collect more wood.

Capabilities of Craftheim

There are so many amazing things you can do today with Craftheim. Here, you can chop wood and create houses!

Enjoy the island life – There are so many enjoyable games to play today that will challenge you to the max. If you enjoy the island life, you’re free to download games like Family Island, Lost Island; Ocean is Home, Pixie Island, Island War, and many more.

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There are also survival games that let you live a life entirely alone on the island. But Craftheim is a unique game since it enables you to chop wood to create your own home!

In this fun game, your task is to create your own island life that you can be proud of. To do this, you’ll be able to chop a lot of trees scattered around different islands today. Then, you can trade the wood for money that you can use for other things.

You’re free to create your own house and even upgrades to increase your strength, speed, and chopping rate. You can also hire lumberjacks to make your job infinitely easier!

Discover new lands – In Craftheim, you’re free to discover new types of lands today. Each island is filled with numerous types of trees that you can freely chop today.

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You can then collect so many woods by chopping them downloaded using your weapon. In this game, you can unlock new locations by paying a certain number of coins.

Chop and sell – Here, you’re free to chop as many trees as you can as they grow in various places today. You’ll be able to collect wood non-stop here as there are so many available today.

Feel free to chop as many woods as you can, and you can even sell them to make money here. You’ll be able to use your money to do many things such as upgrades, hire loggers, and more.

Create houses – In Craftheim, you’re free to create homes today that will let you enjoy life.

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There are different types of homes that you can unlock here by getting the necessary wood required. Here, you’re free to go to other islands as you collect more wood and create bridges.

Upgrades and skins – Here, you can upgrade your strength, speed, and chopping rate! You can also hire loggers to help you collect more wood easily.

Download Craftheim APK

If you enjoy chopping wood, then Craftheim is the perfect game to play right now! Chop and unlock new houses.

Download Craftheim [75.76 Mb]


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