Color Page ASMR APK 1.1.7

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Download Color Page Asmr APK and enjoy playing this coloring simulation game. Have fun coloring beautiful themes, making art and expressing yourself.

Color Page ASMR APK 1.1.7
Name Color Page ASMR
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 1.1.7
Size 159.91 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer SayGames Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link com.playstrom.color.pages

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An In-depth Description of Color Page Asmr APK

Coloring is something every human being has done at least once in their lifetime. It is a beautiful experience, and combining different colors is the best way to turn a dull drawing into a beautiful work of art. Color Page Asmr  APK is the perfect game for art lovers.

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Color Page Asmr APK android is a coloring simulation game where players use different color combinations to paint and design unique drawings such as animals, food, flowers, and other things.

This game can be described as a stress reliever. There are over a hundred photos to color, and players can also draw new images. If you’re an artist and looking for the perfect application to freely express your artistic skills, then Color Page Asmr APK for Android is the ideal one for you.

Downloading the Color Page Asmr APK latest version is your best choice as you can enjoy improvements and advanced features. But this game was initially released on the 3rd of October, 2022, and Saygames Ltd offered it. While playing this game, there are different explicit pictures, so children shouldn’t play this game without parental guidance. It is rated 12+, so you have to be mature enough before you can start playing this game.

The control operations of this game are straightforward to comprehend. You tap the select what you want to use to color or design and touch the figures on your screen to make these changes. It isn’t complex, so you can start playing the game today and understand it immediately.

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You can download this game for free as it is conveniently accessible. The Color Page Asmr APK free download is available here, so what are you waiting for? Start playing this game and test your artistic abilities.

Gameplay and Concept on Color Page Asmr APK

This game clearly shows that art is fun and expressing yourself is satisfying. Coloring is entertaining, so there is a lot that you can enjoy doing in this game. But your main task in this game is to draw, design, and color figures.

The makers of this game have made multiple detailed figures available for users to customize. There are different things that you can work on, and anyone can enjoy using this app. There is work for children, teenagers, and even adults as the image library is vast, so you can easily find something to paint.

There are different levels in this game, but you start small before moving on to more advanced pieces. When you begin a new level, you’re meant to use straight lines to make the elementary elements of the picture. When you are done making the draft, you can then conveniently start the coloring process and decide which colors and tools to use.

One thing that you should know is that there are no time limits, so you can take as long as you want. No rush or need be stressed about a timer cutting you short in the middle of coloring.

Apart from the freedom to take as long as you want, you are also allowed to present the pictures in any way you want. There are no rules guiding how images should appear. It all depends on the player’s mind & creativity.

color page asmr mod apk android

As previously stated, this game is seen as the perfect stress reliever. You can have a stressful day but find peace in expressing yourself through coloring. It is an ideal way to spend your leisure time as a recreational activity. This game is the perfect gaming simulator to clear your head and relax.

It is important to note that the Color Page Asmr APK comes with different features that will give users an entirely new experience. Some of the modifications include the removal of annoying advertisements and commercials. Also, you can watch all the coloring tips easily.

This game is a very fantastic tool for artists and also people who want to express themselves. Coloring is an exciting activity and something everyone should look into.

Color Page Asmr APK features.

There are different features of this application. Some of them are:

  • Multiple images:

There are different figures that you can enjoy working on. So many pictures are available for children, teenagers, and even adults to color on, so you can conveniently find something you’ll love painting on. The photo library on this application is vast, so you will always be kept engaged.

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  • No rules:

The most important feature of this game is creativity. Developers of this game are particular about players properly using their artistic skills and expressing themselves through their paintings. Thus, there are no rules or guidelines guiding how an image should appear. It all depends on the individual that is coloring it.

  • Stress reliever:

Color Page Asmr APK is the perfect way to ease your mind and release accumulated stress. Coloring is the ideal way to relax, and playing this game is an excellent way to escape your problems. If you’re having a bad day, you can easily open this game, start coloring and relax.

  •  features:

On Color Page Asmr  APK, different modification features give you an entirely new experience when playing this game. One of the cool things is that there are no annoying advertisements or commercials that you must watch before advancing to the following image:

  • Easy to use:

Moving around this application is very convenient and easy. It isn’t complex, and users can easily understand how to move around. Coloring and drawing are also very easy, as you simply tap options on the screen to perform different actions.

color page asmr mod apk for android

There are just some of the features that are available in this game. There are more that you can look out for, The Color Page Asmr APK download can be made here.


Color Page Asmr APK is the perfect application for artists and individuals who want to express themselves through coloring. There are multiple levels and different images, so you are always kept engaged.

Download Color Page ASMR [159.91 Mb]


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