Chrooma Keyboard Premium APK helium-5.1.1

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If you want to spice up your phone’s keyboard, download Chrooma Keyboard APK today! Enjoy a customizable and stylish keyboard for your phone today!

Chrooma Keyboard Premium APK helium-5.1.1
Name Chrooma Keyboard Premium
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version helium-5.1.1
Size 38M
Category Personalization
Developer Loopsie SRL
Price Free
Google Play Link com.gamelounge.chroomakeyboard

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Download Chrooma Keyboard APK – RGB Keyboard Themes

We use smartphones for just about every single thing now. Smartphones are now an essential thing for many of us as we bring them everywhere we go. With smartphones, you can browse the web, take photos, call people and send messages.

download chrooma keyboard premium apk for android

Since there’s a built-in keyboard with our phones, we can send messages quickly and type what we want to search. But with Chrooma Keyboard, you can take your keyboard to the next level today!

This isn’t just your ordinary keyboard app, as this is highly sophisticated. Its most notable feature is the one where it adjusts its color theme to fit the app you’re using. So, if you’re using Facebook, it turns to blue, then red for YouTube, and so on.

Aside from this, you can enjoy contextual prediction, which lets you message people easily. There are also many types of emojis to use and send to your family and friends here. Feel free to personalize your font style, emoji, size, and more.

Advanced Mobile Keyboard

If you’re someone who enjoys a lot of apps, you can have fun with so many of them today. There are so many amazing apps to download right now, and most of them are free.

chrooma keyboard premium apk

You’re free to have fun with the default mobile keyboard that you can use for your phone, but you can also download others! There’s a vast selection of mobile keyboard apps that you’re free to use today. But Chrooma Keyboard is an app that’s different from the rest as it’s so advanced.

Most mobile keyboard apps today only allow you to enjoy customizing the theme for a set of pre-designed ones. But with Chrooma Keyboard, you’re free to enjoy the advanced technology that adapts its color theme from the app you’re using.

If you’re using WhatsApp, then the app turns green and blue for Facebook and so on. With the app, you can comfortably type, thanks to the contextual prediction that you can use.

chrooma keyboard premium

Moreover, there are many themes to choose from, including the AMOLED theme, which saves your battery! Enjoy many emojis, themes, and many more today.

Highlights of Chrooma Keyboard

With a new keyboard for your phone, you can do a lot more things. Spice up your phone now with Chrooma Keyboard.

Advanced keyboard – With so many apps that you can download right now, the best ones are free! You’re able to enjoy the best apps right now without paying for anything. These include keyboard apps that you can fully customize to fit your style and phone.

chrooma keyboard premium apk free download

One of the best keyboard apps you can use today is Chrooma Keyboard, and it’s a unique one. Here, you’ll be able to customize the app with 10,000 different configurations today.

There are so many enjoyable things you can do right now that will allow you to customize your keyboard here. Feel free to download the app and enjoy the app’s adaptive feature, which automatically changes the keyboard's theme based on the app you’re using.

There are also many other themes that you can select, and you can customize other things. Feel free to adjust the keyboard’s size, font style, emojis, and many more. You can also enjoy the dedicated GIF section and emojis that you can use.

Adaptive theme – Chrooma Keyboard is an app that has a unique feature to it. Its advanced feature lets it change its color depending on the app that you’re using. This means that it will automatically adjust to blue when you’re using Facebook, red for YouTube, green for WhatsApp, and more.

chrooma keyboard premium apk 2021

There are so many ways you can customize the app today, including the size, gesture, and many more. You can also select a theme that will let you enjoy the stylish feature of the app.

Gesture typing – With this app, typing has never been easier as you can type words using gestures.

Feel free to type fast, delete, move the cursor, and many more with gestures. You can freely set up the gesture so you can type as fast as you think today.

Emojis – Chrooma Keyboard also features a vast selection of emojis that you can use for your conversations

chrooma keyboard premium apk latest version

Feel free to express yourself differently than text today. There’s also an emoji suggestion feature which lets you use the most popular emojis.

Night Mode, GIF, and more – The app also boasts a night mode for better typing at night, a dedicated GIF tab, and more!

Download Chrooma Keyboard APK

If you want to change your typing experience, download Chrooma Keyboard now and enjoy many themes.

Download Chrooma Keyboard Premium [38M]


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