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Download Box Office Tycoon APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you’ve always wanted your own theater or cinema! Upgrade and attract more customers!

Box Office Tycoon APK
Name Box Office Tycoon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
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Category Casual
Developer Hothead Games
Price Free
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Movies have always been so popular even back then. Nowadays the majority of us watch movies through televisions and streaming services such as Netflix. But the cinema has always been a classic way of viewing movies and shows. Because when it comes to watching, nothing beats the surround sounds and the huge screens. If you love movies, this game is for you!


Box Office Tycoon is an idle game developed by Hothead Games. It has over 50 thousand downloads in the Google Play Store now. In this game, you’ll be the owner of a cinema which you need to run to make profit. You’re in charge of overseeing everything from hiring managers, upgrading equipment and making sure that the profits are coming! Read on if you’re curious!

What is Box Office Tycoon?

Movies are a way of life for most people. For a lot, they make a living off of movies. This is especially true for actors who make a fortune by starring in these movies. This is why the entertainment industry is bombarded by celebrity-wannabes who want to become famous. But if you love movies, then this one’s for you!


Box Office Tycoon is a popular idle game that allows you to run your own cinema. In this game, you’re in charge of running the whole cinema to make tons of profits. This means you will need to buy and upgrade equipment such as the popcorn stand, add theaters, and more! You will also need to hire managers to help you manage the cinema. Then, manage the parking lots add ticketing booths, add more theaters and more! You can do a lot of things in this game. Read on to find out more!

Features of Box Office Tycoon

Box Office Tycoon is an epic idle game that allows you to run your own ideal cinema! Take charge of everything from taking tickets to hiring managers! Here are its features:

Unique gameplay – There are a lot of action games out there. But none of them comes close to Box Office Tycoon. In this game, you’ll have your own cinema to run! Take charge of everything from the ticketing booths to adding theaters. In this game, you’ll need to build things such as theaters, arcades, karaoke and more! Hold VIP movie screenings to earn more money. It’s up to you on how you’ll handle things to make more money. But don’t forget to sit back and relax, perhaps watch a movie yourself!


Build things – In Box Office Tycoon, you’re going to start off with just the bare necessities. You need to make money from these to upgrade your cinema as a whole. There’s a lot to upgrade and build in here such as concession stands, arcades, karaoke, theaters, ticket booths and many more! You’ll also need to upgrade these so you can accommodate more people and eventually make more money.

Hire managers – In Box Office Tycoon, you’ll also need to hire managers to help you manage the cinema! There are different departments in the cinema so you’ll need different types of managers. And there are also different classes of managers that provide different outputs. But the good thing is, you can upgrade your managers to help you make more money!



Complete goals – Box Office Tycoon is an idle game, but you still need to complete goals to make more money! Completing them will allow you to earn more rewards and unlock more locations!

Cute graphics – In terms of graphics, Box Office Tycoon utilizes cute modern graphics to attract young players. In this game, you’ll never feel like you’re working as the graphics and animations are so satisfying to see.

Download Box Office Tycoon APK for Free – Latest version

Box Office Tycoon is an epic idle game that allows you to run your own cinema! Download now to unlock all the features.

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