Beggar Life 3 APK 1.5.3

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Download Beggar Life 3 APK for android and build your beggar empire. You will start businesses to become a tycoon. It’s the ultimate clicker-idle game!

Beggar Life 3 APK 1.5.3
Name Beggar Life 3
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.5.3
Size 159.39 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer manababa
Price Free
Google Play Link com.manababa.BeggarLife3

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In-Depth Descriptions of Beggar Life 3 APK

If you are looking for a game where you can start from scratch and work your way up to the top, look no further than Beggar Life 3 APK for Android. This game combines clicker and idle game mechanics to create an addictive and fun experience.

It features lots of opportunities that will help you get rich quickly. You hire beggars, start businesses, and enter into partnerships. Your primary goal is to make as much money and become a tycoon.

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While at it, you can improve the lives of other beggars by employing them in your shops. This way, they can also make money and progress in the game. Download the game and start your beggar empire today!

Fun-Filled & Addicting Gameplay

Idle games are fun as they allow you to progress even when you are not actively playing. Beggar Life 3 takes this concept a step further by incorporating clicker gameplay. This means that you need to tap the screen regularly to generate income.

The good thing is that the game does not require your constant attention. You can leave it running in the background, and it will continue to generate money.

The more you click, the more gold you earn. As such, you must find ways to increase your clicking capacity. One such way is by unlocking Beggar Power. This power-up allows you to click multiple times in quick succession.

With it, you can make a lot of money quickly and easily. Another way to increase your income is by starting businesses. When you have enough gold, you can buy a shop or a stall. These will generate income automatically even when you are not playing the game.

Lots of Activities & Power-Ups to Unlock

There are lots of things to do in Beggar Life 3, including:

  • Buying & Selling Products

Trading is one of the main sources of income in the game. You can buy goods from the market and sell them at a higher price. The key to making a profit is to buy low and sell high.

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One of the products of the game is the artwork. You can buy them from the market and sell them to art collectors. The prices of these paintings vary depending on their quality.

  • Running Businesses

In Beggar Life 3, businesses are a great way to earn passive income. You can buy shops and stalls, and they will generate money automatically.

The key to making a lot of money from businesses is to upgrade them regularly. The higher the level of your business, the more money it will make.

You can also hire beggars to work in your businesses. This way, they can earn money and help you run your businesses more efficiently.

  • Unlocking Power-ups

There are lots of power-ups that you can unlock in Beggar Life 3. These power-ups will help you earn more gold and progress faster in the game.

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Some of the power-ups that you can unlock include:

  • Beggar Power. This increases your tapping ability, allowing you to make more money. Always remember to upgrade this power-up to make the most out of it.
  • Shops. This power-up allows you to buy shops and stalls. You can sell foods, drinks, and other products in these shops.
  • Part-Timers. You can hire part-time workers to help you run your businesses. They will generate income even when you are not playing the game.
  • Customers. This power-up attracts more customers to your shops. With more customers, you can make more money. Ensure you regularly update your customers to increase auto-visits and consequently your earnings.
  • Skill Tree. A skill tree is a powerful tool that allows you to upgrade your abilities. There are lots of skills that you can unlock, and each one will help you differently. Upgrading skills will increase your earnings, allow you to buy more businesses, and much more.

Develop/Construct Buildings

You can also build and upgrade different types of buildings in Beggar Life 3. These buildings will help you progress in the game and make more money.

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Some of the buildings that you can construct include:

  • Houses. You can buy houses for your beggars. This will increase their happiness, and they will work harder for you.
  • Shops. You can buy shops and stalls to sell products. The higher the level of your shop, the more money it will make.
  • Factories. You can construct factories to produce goods. These goods can be sold in your shops or used to upgrade your buildings.
  • Gyms. You can build gyms to train your beggars. This will make them stronger and more resistant to diseases.
  • Schools. You can construct schools to educate your beggars. This will make them more intelligent and better workers.
  • Taekwondo Centers. You can build taekwondo centers to train your beggars in martial art. This will make them stronger and more resistant to attack.

Form Partnerships with Corporate Organizations

In Beggar Life 3, you can form partnerships with corporate organizations. These organizations will help you get more customers and make more money.

You can partner with musicians to play music in your shops. This will attract more customers and make them spend more money.

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You can also partner with artists to display their paintings in your shops. This will make your shops more popular and increase your earnings.

Outsmart Other Tycoons

To become the ultimate beggar tycoon, you must outsmart other players. You can do this by buying their businesses when they are struggling and selling them when they are doing well.

You can also hire other beggars to work for you. This will give you an advantage over other players who do not have access to this feature.

Simple yet Attractive Graphics

Beggar Life 3 has simple yet attractive graphics. The colors are bright, and the characters are well-designed.

The game is easy to play, and the controls are straightforward. You will not need to spend hours learning how to play Beggar Life 3.

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The game is also designed for players of all ages. Whether a child or an adult, you will enjoy playing Beggar Life 3.

Beggar Life 3 APK Free Download

If you want to enjoy this game hassle-free, you should download Beggar Life APK latest version. It has these features:


Beggar Life 3 is an addicting and fun game. It combines the clicker and tycoon genres to create a unique experience.

With its simple controls, attractive graphics, and easy-to-understand gameplay, Beggar Life 3 is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Download Beggar Life 3 [159.39 Mb]


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