Hello Neighbor Mod APK 1.0 (Unlock full game)

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Download Hello Neighbor Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Something is not right with your neighbor. Investigate with caution in this horror mystery game.

Hello Neighbor Mod APK 1.0 (Unlock full game)
Name Hello Neighbor
Kompatibel mit Android 6.0+
Letzte Version 1.0
Größe 0 bytes
MOD Unlock full game
Kategorie Adventure
Developer tinyBuild
Preis Free
Google Play Link com.tinybuildgames.helloneighbor
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  • Unlock full game


There’s something off about your neighbor. Search his home for any mysteries he may be hiding from the world. But, don’t get caught. Download Hell Neighbor for Android now for a fun horror mystery game on mobile.

Playing Hello Neighbor

Something is definitely off here. What exactly is this neighbor of yours hiding? That mustache is too creepy for him to be a good guy, right? Well, now is your chance to find out.


In this mystery style game, you’ll need to search every corner and crevice of the man’s home in order to discover what he’s hiding. Is there something in the basement? There’s only one way to be completely sure.


Many parts of the home are locked away from any type of access. Thus, the main premise of the game is to collect resources to help you progress through the game. Look for every little thing you can. You never know when something seemingly useless is actually a key component to the game.

There’s also one catch – your neighbor knows you’re here. Therefore, he will constantly be in search for you. It’s a cat and mouse. You look for clues; the neighbor looks for you.


The game is presented in different stages. Each stage will have a handful of mysteries and challenges that will need to be completed in order to move on to the next.


The game controls well. All of your actions will be displayed on the Android screen. That being said, the interface is also decent and understandable. Every collectible item will be shown on the bottom of your screen.

Hello Neighbor Features

You’ll want to know exactly what about the game makes it so addicting, heart-racing, and fun to play. So, here are the features that are keep players from all over the world satisfied and continue to download the game.

  • Anxiety raising gameplay. In this horror game, you never know when your neighbor will show up. As such, every moment is suspenseful and continues to raise your adrenaline.
  • The AI of your neighbor continues to grow and evolve depending on your gameplay. This means, continuing to do the same tricks will eventually get you caught. You’ll need to outwit your neighbor at every turn.
  • Play the game an entirely open sandbox map. Explore every aspect of the map while still trying to avoid the neighbor. In addition, there are tons of different paths and secret routes to discover and hide yourself. How many of these secrets can you uncover before ultimately getting caught?


The Hello Neighbor game is presented to players in an entirely 3D environment. Characters, set pieces and the entire map are all in HD 3D graphics. However, the overall quality of the models isn’t anything to write home about.

Actually, this works to the game’s benefit. The model of your neighbor is surprisingly creepy. So, this adds extra layers of horror and comfortability when playing. Perfect for a game of this genre.


As for the animations, the game runs smoothly. Again, the neighbor moves in such a horrifying fashion, you’d be better off looking away when getting chased. Don’t look back if you have a weak tolerance to scary aspects and qualities.

Hello Neighbor Mod APK Free Download

Getting the Hello Neighbor Mod APK latest version will also give you a few benefits compared to the original version. Which is always a benefit. Check out what will be included when you choose to install the modified ve

  • Unlock full game

Not only this, but you can save data from the file size. As such, the installation process is even faster compared to the original off the Google Play Store.

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