MLive Mod APK (Unlocked All Rooms)

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Mencari aplikasi streaming Hot Live Show? Download MLiveU MOD APK unlock all room sekarang. Ini aplikasi streaming hot show para streamer tanpa batasan apa pun.

MLive Mod APK (Unlocked All Rooms)
Nom MLive
Compatible avec Android 4.4+
Dernière version
Taille 98.76 Mb
Catégorie Social
Développeur WinNine Pacific Pty Ltd
Prix Free
Google Play Link com.mlive.mliveapp

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Things You Should Know about MLiveU App

Currently, there are lots of interesting Live Streaming applications that you can try. One of them is MLiveU MOD APK. This application is a platform where people benefit from each other. The streamers will benefit from the prizes they get and the viewers will get satisfaction from the entertainment provided by the streamers.

Applications like MLiveU MOD APK started to boom in 2016 after its competitor application, Bigo Live APK, was launched first on the market. Even though it seems to have the same concept, in reality you will experience a different experience when using this Live Streaming application.

As a developer, WinNine Pacific Pty Ltd has designed all the systems and features of MLiveU MOD APK quite well. So users can enjoy various interesting features such as choosing a room, video chat and even making money by being a VJ.

mliveu mod apk

The user interface designed for the MLiveU MOD APK application is also very user friendly. The button layout and background coloring concept are well managed by the developer. So that users will feel comfortable when using this application for a long time.

Unlike illegal Live Streaming applications out there, the MLiveU application is an official application that has been verified by Google. So you can get this application directly on the Google Play Store.

Using the original application will usually result in various limitations in the application such as limited coins, features and so on. Therefore, for those of you who want this application without any restrictions, you can download MLiveU MOD APK on this page. This modified application can make all your activities in the application smoother.

How the MLiveU MOD APK Application Works

As we mentioned a little earlier, this application is a social media whose main function is to watch various shows performed by streamers. There are thousands of streamers in this application who are ready to entertain users.

Streamers come from various parts of the world, they provide various exciting entertainment such as singing, dancing, playing games, or listening to stories. They show all the streamers' skills in this application.

Apart from watching these various things, you can also become a VJ or streamer in this application. You can provide whatever entertainment you can. It is in this situation that your creative soul is tested.

mlive mod apk unlock room

Becoming a famous streamer can make that job your newest source of income. Streamers who succeed in satisfying the wishes of the audience will usually be given various prizes by their fans.

Apart from that, you can also communicate personally with each user. You can do Video Chat or Live Chat with other users as you like. From more than 10 million users based on the number of downloads on the Play Store, it allows you to find your love from this application.

Enter all the streamers' rooms and give prizes

As its main function, when you have successfully accessed the application, you can immediately select various rooms available on the homepage. Room is a special section that only contains one streamer. Usually the room will be displayed with the profile faces of the streamers in the room.

You can sort various rooms according to the specifications you like. Rooms can be sorted by genre of singing, dancing, gaming or various other entertainment genres. By adjusting your preferences in this application, the system will automatically provide the right rooms for you.

mlive mod apk 2022

When you like certain entertainment from one of the streamers in this application, you can follow them to get their streaming schedule. Don't forget to appreciate all the efforts your streamer makes for you.

In each room you can give the hosts gifts such as GIFTs or stickers. You can get these prizes in the store feature to buy various gifts that you like. Purchasing gifts usually requires in-game coins. You need to top up in the game which ranges from IDR 79 thousand to IDR 1.5 million.

Be a Streamer or VJ

If you really believe in your abilities, then you should try to become a host on the MLiveU application. Whether Host, VJ or Streamer, they are all the same. Only different people say it differently.

Steamers in this application can get quite big profits. Imagine the prizes provided by the developer alone reach millions of rupiah per gift or sticker. You can make this streaming your main income.

mlive mod apk download

Even though it sounds easy, the main requirement to become a streamer is that you must have certain skills. You must be able to entertain the audience with the various skills you have. Even just listening to people's stories can be the right skill for you. Remembering that many people have difficulty finding people who want to listen to their stories.

Other Unique Features of MLiveU MOD APK

You can use the original application, but if you are looking for more features than the original MLiveU APK application, then you can use the modified application that we provide. Here are some of the advantages of modification applications.

  • Unlock VIP – Using a modified application can enable you to enjoy all the VIP features in this application. A VIP account is an application subscription account that allows users to access various VIP features. One of the VIP features that is most sought after is the VIP room which contains famous hosts.
  • No Ads – Even though advertising can be profitable for application companies, advertising is the thing that is considered the most intrusive. By using this modified application, you will not be disturbed by any advertisements.
mlive mod apk terbaru
  • Unlock All Rooms – One of the advantages of the VIP feature is accessing all available rooms. VIP rooms usually offer a variety of hotter entertainment compared to regular rooms. So this room is more private than other rooms.
  • Unlimited Coins – Getting unlimited coins in this application can certainly make you free to send gifts to anyone you like.
  • Free Events – At certain moments there are various events held by developers. You are free to access all the events and get various prizes for free.
  • Live Chat & Video Chat – As mentioned above, you can use this application personally with your partner. You can chat with anyone who uses this application. You can chat via short message via Live Chat or do VC with the additional chat feature in Video Chat.

Download MLiveU MOD APK

Download the modified application from MLive MOD APK to be able to access various interesting features that you cannot get in the original application features.


As an application user, you are given the freedom to choose to use the original application or the modified application that we have provided. If you are looking for and want to download the MLiveU Mod APK, then you can download it right now.

Télécharger MLive [98.76 Mb]


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