Idle Heroes Mod APK 1.33.1 (Unlimited gems and coins)

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Download Idle Heroes MOD APK – latest version – for Android to get a fully-packed RPG game that skips all the boring character development and keeps the fun bits.

Idle Heroes Mod APK 1.33.1 (Unlimited gems and coins)
Name Idle Heroes
Kompatibel mit Android 4.3+
Letzte Version 1.33.1
Größe 671.06 Mb
Kategorie Role Playing
Developer DHGAMES
Preis Free
Google Play Link

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Develop your heroes and do battle with opponents from around the world. Download Idle Heroes MOD APK for Android to get an RPG game that does away with all the long hours of chopping down wood and developing your characters basic skills and instead allows you to simply put the phone down for a few hours and come back to a stronger hero.


In this way, Idle Heroes MOD APK skips out on the boring part of RPG games and leaves you with the action. You get to watch your heroes fight one another and collect money to buy them new gear.

It’s not to say that you won’t need to put a fair amount of work in to develop your heroes – it’s just that the most tedious things that are usually present in RPG games are no longer a concern.

Idle Heroes – Epic RPG fun

There are hundreds of characters to recruit in the game. You’ll be able to recruit a whole bunch of them to fight on your behalf. Heroes are ranked from one to five stars, and you’ll be able to level them up as you go along.

Idle system: As the name implies, this is an ideal RPG. That means that your heroes will still work when you’re not playing the game and you’ll be able to benefit from their skill gains when you come back to playing it after a long absence.


200+ heroes: There are more than 200 heroes in the game spread over a variety of opposing factions. They have specific abilities which makes them unique. Once you’ve got one, you can kit them out with new clothes and gear and train them to evolve their abilities and strength.

Guilds: You’ll be able to make your own guild – or join someone else’s – and then fight against other guides for control of the continent. Train epic heroes and team up with your buddies to create a guide that cannot be challenged by your opponents!


Global arena: Fight against other heroes around the world and bring your guys to glory in the ultimate worldwide PVP arena battles.

Tips for playing Idle Heroes MOD APK

Whether you’ve played idle and RPG games before, or if you’re new to both, it’ll help you to have a few pro tips before embarking on your quest.

  • Free 5-star hero: In the beginning of the game, you’ll have the option to register an account. Doing so will give you a free 5-star hero that will help you all the way through the game. These heroes are very rare, so it’s certainly worth doing.
  • Log in every day: You’ll get rewards for logging in every day to play the game. You don’t need to play for long – you just need to log in.
  • Don’t bother with low rank heroes: The trick to building the ultimate team is balance, but there isn’t any point in wasting your time on heroes less than 4-stars in rank. They’ll quickly fade into uselessness.
  • Use the Aspen Dungeon: Every 48 hours, you’ll have the option to fight in the Aspen Dungeon against waves of enemies. Do this to get some neat rewards and tons of experience.
  • Use demon potions against healers: You’ll realize that healers are some of the hardest enemies to kill. Demon potions give you excess energy, which you can use to summon devastating attacks – the kind that will put down a healer.

Idle Heroes MOD APK 2024

Want to get hold of 5-star heroes easily? Download Idle Heroes MOD APK private server to get the currency necessary to get them. You can also download Idle Heroes MOD APK monthly cards always active to have all rewards and bonuses in the game. Enjoy!

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