NU Carnival APK 1.4.0

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Se você é alguém que adora jogos de simulação de namoro, então o NU Carnival APK é o ideal para você. Aqui, você poderá desfrutar de personagens divertidos, histórias e muito mais.

NU Carnival APK 1.4.0
Nome NU Carnival
Compatível com Android 5.0+
Última versão 1.4.0
Tamanho 141 MB
Categoria Simulation
Desenvolvedor Carnival
Preço Free

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Download NU Carnival APK – Boys Dating Game

If you’re someone who plays a lot of mobile games, there are a lot of them that you can enjoy now. You can have fun with so many games right now that will allow you to enjoy.

There are a lot of fun games you can enjoy right now in the simulation space. You’re able to have fun as you can find many games to enjoy right now, such as NU Carnival.

nu carnival apk

With this game, you can enjoy a fun experience as you play the character Eiden, a producer of sex toys. You’ve been suddenly summoned to a new world in this game, and here, you’ll meet tons of boys.

These include Aster, Morvay, Yakumo, Edmond, Olivine, Quincy, Kuya, and Garu. Each character here has unique looks and personalities that you’ll enjoy. You’ll be able to enjoy a battle system here where you can unlock a lot of cards here as you enjoy a fun game!

Boys Gacha Game

There are a lot of fun games today that you can play and enjoy right now. If you’re someone who loves playing dating simulation games, there are many enjoyable ones right now.

You can find and enjoy many of these games right now as they’re exciting. You can find a lot of fun games to enjoy right now in the dating sim genre, as there are a lot of them. But with NU Carnival, you’re able to have fun as you can enjoy a unique story.

nu carnival apk mod

Many dating simulation games today, but NU Carnival is fun and unique. This game isn’t just an ordinary dating simulation game but a unique one where you’ll be summoned into another world.

You’ll be a character named Eiden who works for a sex toy factory. But one day, you’re suddenly transported into the world of Klein, and you’ll enjoy a fun story! You’ll meet many hot guys here like Aster, Edmond, Yakumo, Morvay, Quincy, Olivine, Garu, Kuya, and many more.

The game lets you complete many levels and even enjoy fights. You can unlock many characters in this fun game!

NU Carnival Highlights

There are a lot of fun dating simulation games to enjoy right now, such as NU Carnival.

Fun dating sim – There are many fun games to play right now on your phone. If you’re someone who loves playing various types of games, you can download and enjoy a lot of them today.

nu carnival apk download

You can enjoy action, racing, simulation, RPG, and many more right now. There are all sorts of games to enjoy right now, such as dating simulation games. With NU Carnival, you can have fun by playing a unique character called Eiden.

Here, you’ll be summoned to another world filled with mischief and incredible characters. You’ll have fun with a lot of incredible characters to unlock in this fun game right now. Here, you can enjoy many outfits to collect that you can use for your characters and gift them as well.

This game also features a turn-based fighting system with enjoyable graphics that you can enjoy today. You can have fun by unlocking characters like Garu, Kuya, Quincy, Olivine, and more.

Enjoyable characters – There are a lot of fun games to play right now in the dating simulation genre. One of the best ones is NU Carnival, as it allows you to play a unique character called Eiden. Eiden is a worker at a sex factory that has been summoned to another world.

nu carnival apk ios

Here, you can enjoy unlocking many characters like Yakumo, Edmond, Morvay, Eiden, Aster, Quincy, Olivine, and many more. You can unlock different cards with unique rarity in the game. You can have fun as you can provide gifts to your character.

Turn-based combat system – NU Carnival also incorporates a turn-based combat system that you can enjoy. This game lets you have fun and fight against other characters using your cards.

This is a fun game that is perfect for every occasion right now. You can have fun with many games right now, but this one is truly unique. It gives you a boy-to-boy dating simulation that you can’t find in any other games.

Erotic game - NU Carnival is a fun game that lets you have fun as you can enjoy many erotic scenes right now. You’re able to enjoy a lot of lewd scenes that you won’t get anywhere else today!

Download NU Carnival APK - Última versão

If you love playing many incredibly unique games, you can download NU Carnival right now and enjoy.

Baixar NU Carnival [141 MB]


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