Vanced MicroG APK

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Descargar Vanced MicroG APK – última versión – para Android. ¡Con Vanced MicroG puedes disfrutar de todas las ventajas de YouTube sin publicidad, 100% gratis!

Vanced MicroG APK
Nome Vanced MicroG
Compatibile con Android 5.0+
Ultima versione
Dimensione 12 MB
Categoria Entertainment
Sviluppatore Team Vanced
Prezzo Free

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The perfect complement to your YouTube Vanced app!

One of the most unanimous complaints that the YouTube application for smartphones receives is the fact that it includes too many advertisements in its videos. This is a fairly common complaint among those who normally use YouTube, and it is even more accentuated among those who use the platform to listen to music. But this is not the only problem. Another difficulty that YouTube has is the fact that, for example, it does not allow you to lock the screen to listen to the content without having to watch the video. The only way to achieve this is by contracting YouTube Premium services, something that not everyone is willing to do.

vanced microg apk download for android

To solve this problem, many people chose to install an application called YouTube Vanced on their smartphone. This application allowed you to enjoy YouTube content with the same clarity as with the original application, but including a whole series of advantages that were not available in the YouTube app. These advantages included the ability to completely remove advertising from the app, as well as removing the restrictions of locking the screen to listen to music.

What is Vanced MicroG App? – Vanced MicroG APK download for Android

With YouTube Vanced, then, you can enjoy YouTube much more easily, with many advantages that are not included in the YouTube app. But you can also customize the application interface and make many adjustments that allow you to enjoy a completely unique experience. Adjusting colors, designing your own playlists and opting for many other different parameters are among the advantages that this app offers you.

vanced microg apk free download

But one of the advantages that YouTube has that you can't find in YouTube Vanced is the ability to load your Gmail account to manage your video preferences and your own channel without having to leave the application. This allows you to have a 100% personalized YouTube experience, where you will be able to enjoy the algorithm's recommendations specifically for you, and where you will be able to have a great time with your favorite application.

Access your Google account and enjoy YouTube like never before

Fortunately, that is solved with an app called Vanced MicroG! Due to a recent legal claim established by Google, the YouTube Vanced app cannot incorporate new updates to its code, but there is nothing to prevent secondary applications from being used to incorporate new functions into this app. Vanced MicroG allows you to incorporate all the benefits of a Gmail account into your Vanced YouTube application, so you can receive personalized recommendations from the YouTube algorithm, and even manage your channel.

vanced microg apk download

The best way to enjoy YouTube in 2022 is by using a combination of alternative apps that eliminate all the problems of the original app. With YouTube Vanced + Vanced MicroG you will have everything you need to enjoy YouTube like never before!

Features of Vanced MicroG APK 2022 – Vanced MicroG APK free download

YouTube Vanced companion app. This app adds new features to the original YouTube Vanced app, and allows you to enjoy the ability to watch videos using your Gmail account.

Enjoy YouTube without advertising. With this combination of apps you can watch YouTube videos without encountering a single advertisement for the entire time you are using this platform.

vanced microg apk download latest version
  • Access your Google account. In addition, you will also be able to upload your Gmail account so you can enjoy all the personalized recommendations and all the advantages of the YouTube algorithm.
  • Listen to music with the locked screen. You will also be able to listen to your favorite music with the locked screen so you can save on battery life and have a great time creating your own music playlists.

Vanced MicroG APK free download for Android

Now you can enjoy one of the best YouTube mod apps ad-free with Vanced MicroG, the perfect companion for the Vanced YouTube app!

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