USB Camera Pro Mod APK 11.1.3 (Paid/Full Unlocked)

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Unlock advanced video capturing and streaming on your Android with USB Camera Pro MOD APK – experience high-quality, versatile, and ad-free functionality!

USB Camera Pro Mod APK 11.1.3 (Paid/Full Unlocked)
Nome USB Camera Pro
Compatibile con Android 4.3+
Ultima versione 11.1.3
Dimensione 86.4 MB
Categoria Video Players & Editors
Sviluppatore 沈垚 / ShenYao China
Prezzo ₫130,000
Link a Google Play

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USB Camera Pro MOD APK emerges as a revolutionary application in the domain of mobile-based video capture, offering users a versatile platform to harness the power of external USB cameras on their Android devices. This app belongs to the utility genre and caters to a wide range of users, from vloggers and streamers to educators and security enthusiasts. It transforms your smartphone or tablet into a powerful video capturing tool, interfacing seamlessly with various USB video devices like webcams, capture cards, and even FPV (First-Person View) devices.

What sets USB Camera Pro MOD APK apart is its comprehensive support for a multitude of video formats and input devices, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. Its ability to deliver high-quality video recording or streaming without the need for a computer or bulky equipment is a significant draw. Additionally, the Pro version stands out by being ad-free and offering enhanced features, such as support for higher resolution formats and advanced video settings, providing users with a professional-grade tool right at their fingertips. The app's appeal is further magnified by its user-friendly interface and the provision of advanced functionalities like real-time streaming, picture-in-picture mode, and extensive customization options, making it an indispensable asset for anyone seeking to leverage external video hardware with their Android device.

How To Use USB Camera Pro MOD APK

USB Camera Pro MOD APK is not just an app; it's a transformative tool that unlocks the potential of your Android device, allowing it to interface with an array of USB video input sources. Whether you aim to enhance your video recording, streaming capabilities, or simply wish to monitor an environment, this app equips you with the functionality to do so effortlessly.

usb camera pro 1
  • Downloading and Installing:
    • Visit the website to download the USB Camera Pro MOD APK file.
    • Enable "Unknown Sources" in your device's settings to allow installation of the app.
    • Locate the downloaded MOD APK file and install it on your device.
  • Basic Mechanics and Controls:
    • Connect your USB camera or capture device to your Android device via an OTG cable.
    • Launch the USB Camera Pro MOD APK and grant the necessary permissions.
    • Use the app's interface to select your video source and adjust settings like resolution, format, and frame rate.
    • Access advanced features through the settings menu for enhanced control and customization.
    • Record videos or take snapshots directly through the app, or stream your video feed live using RTSP or RTMP protocols.
    • Utilize additional features like picture-in-picture, VR/FPV view, or display video on your lock screen for varied use cases.
    • Explore the app's support for audio integration, whether from the camera itself or an external USB microphone, to sync with your video.

By following these steps and familiarizing yourself with the app's controls and settings, you can leverage the full capabilities of USB Camera Pro MOD APK to meet your video capture and streaming needs.

Features of USB Camera Pro MOD APK

USB Camera Pro MOD APK stands as a beacon of innovation, functionality, and versatility in the world of Android applications, especially for those requiring advanced video capture and streaming capabilities. It is designed to enhance user experience, broaden functionality, and ensure reliability across various video-related tasks.

  • Ad-Free Experience: Experience the USB Camera Pro MOD APK without the interruption of advertisements, ensuring a smoother, more focused user interaction. This feature is crucial for professionals and enthusiasts who need an uninterrupted workflow, making the app more efficient and pleasant to use.
  • Comprehensive Video Format Support: The app supports an extensive array of video formats including H.264, H.265, HEVC, MJPG, YUY2, and more, accommodating various user needs and preferences. This compatibility ensures users can capture and stream video in their desired format without compromising on quality.
  • High-Quality Video Capture: USB Camera Pro MOD APK allows up to 4K video capture via HDMI, providing crisp, clear, and detailed video output. This high-resolution video capture is essential for applications where detail and clarity are paramount, such as content creation, live streaming, or surveillance.
usb camera pro 2
  • Real-Time Streaming Capabilities: With built-in RTSP and HTTP Server support, the app enables real-time video streaming over networks, allowing for efficient monitoring and broadcasting. This feature is particularly beneficial for setting up a quick and easy surveillance system or live streaming an event.
  • Advanced Audio Integration: The app not only captures video but also offers advanced audio support, integrating USB audio or using your device's built-in microphone. This dual audio functionality is perfect for creating videos with clear sound or setting up a surveillance system with audio monitoring.
  • Versatile Usage Modes: Whether it's Picture-in-Picture mode, VR/FPV view, or displaying video on the lock screen, USB Camera Pro MOD APK provides various modes to suit different user needs, enhancing the app's versatility and utility across a range of scenarios.
  • Timestamp and GPS Info Overlay: Add valuable context to your videos with the option to overlay timestamps, GPS, speed, and other information. This feature is especially useful for documentation, travel videos, or any application where tracking the timing and location is necessary.
  • Motion Detection and Automatic Recording: The app's motion detection feature can trigger automatic video recording, making it ideal for security purposes. It can even upload the recordings to an FTP server and notify you via email, ensuring you're always informed of any activity.

By offering these diverse and powerful features, USB Camera Pro MOD APK provides its users with a comprehensive toolset for advanced video capture and streaming, catering to a wide range of applications and enhancing the overall user experience.

Useful Tips For Using USB Camera Pro MOD APK

Maximizing the potential of USB Camera Pro MOD APK entails more than just understanding its features; it requires a nuanced approach to harness its capabilities fully. These tips aim to enhance user engagement, optimize functionality, and ensure a seamless experience across various use cases.

  • Ensure Compatibility: Before leveraging the full suite of features, verify that your USB camera or capture device is compatible with the app. Check the supported formats and resolutions to ensure optimal performance and avoid potential compatibility issues.
  • Optimal Configuration: Spend time exploring and configuring the app settings to suit your specific needs. Adjust video resolution, format, and frame rate based on your usage scenario, whether it's for high-quality recording, streaming, or monitoring.
usb camera pro 3
  • Stable Connection: Utilize a high-quality OTG cable to connect your camera or capture device. Ensuring a stable and reliable connection can significantly improve the app's performance and reduce the chances of interruptions during critical usage.
  • Audio Syncing: If you're using an external microphone or integrated camera audio, ensure it's properly synced with the video. Test and adjust the audio settings within the app to achieve clear and synchronized audio-visual output.
  • Power Supply: For prolonged use or high-quality video capture, ensure your device is connected to a power source or has sufficient battery life. This is crucial to prevent interruptions during recording or streaming sessions.
  • Explore Advanced Features: Take advantage of the app's advanced features like real-time streaming, picture-in-picture mode, or GPS overlay. Familiarizing yourself with these can enhance your recordings and streams significantly.
  • Motion Detection Setup: For security monitoring, configure the motion detection settings appropriately. Adjust the sensitivity and recording duration to match your monitoring needs and ensure efficient storage usage.
  • Backup and Storage: Regularly backup your recordings, especially if you're using the app for critical monitoring or capturing important events. Also, manage your device's storage to accommodate large video files, particularly when recording in high resolution.
  • Network Stability for Streaming: If you're using the real-time streaming feature, ensure your network connection is stable and fast enough to support the streaming quality. This is vital to maintain a smooth and consistent stream quality.
  • Regular Updates: Keep the app updated to the latest version to benefit from new features and improvements. Regular updates can also resolve any existing issues and provide a more stable and efficient experience.
usb camera pro 4

By adhering to these tips, users can significantly enhance their experience with USB Camera Pro MOD APK, ensuring they fully leverage the app's capabilities whether for personal, professional, or security purposes.


USB Camera Pro MOD APK stands out as a quintessential tool for anyone looking to harness the power of external video devices through their Android platform. Its ad-free interface, robust video format support, high-quality capture capabilities, and versatile usage modes make it a superior choice in the realm of video capture apps. Whether you're a professional seeking advanced recording options, a content creator aiming for higher quality visuals, or someone in need of reliable surveillance tools, USB Camera Pro MOD APK delivers with excellence. Immerse yourself in the innovative features and user-friendly design of USB Camera Pro MOD APK and elevate your video capturing experience to new heights. Try it today and discover the myriad of possibilities it brings to your fingertips.

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