Royal Match Mod APK 22546 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

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Download Royal Match MOD APK latest version and engage in a match-3 puzzle adventure with a twist! You will help the King (Robert) decorate his massive castle.

Royal Match Mod APK 22546 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)
Nome Royal Match
Compatibile con Android 4.4+
Ultima versione 22546
Dimensione 207.13 Mb
Categoria Puzzle
Sviluppatore Dream Games Ltd.
Prezzo Free
Link a Google Play com.dreamgames.royalmatch

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In-Depth Description of Royal Match MOD APK

Royal Match MOD APK is a puzzle-adventure game offered by Dream Games Limited. It challenges you to solve puzzles and earn rewards. You will then use those rewards to help King Robert renovate and decorate his castle.

Its swipe & match controls are facile and ideal even for beginners. Aside from that, the game features beautiful graphics, atmospheric sound effects, and addictive gameplay.

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Can you help the king make his castle look great again? Download the game now and find out! It is only 168MB and can work with virtually any Android device.

Thousands of Puzzles

Are you tired of monotonous games with the same old gameplay mechanics? If yes, you need to experience the dynamism of Royal Match MOD APK. It features unique puzzles that will keep your brain engaged for hours.

You will solve each puzzle by matching 3 or more objects of the same kind. Once you do, they will disappear, and you will earn rewards.

While the puzzles appear straightforward in the initial levels, they will gradually demand more brainpower as you progress. As such, you should be ready to exercise your mind and solve puzzles like never before.

Unlock New Areas

Always remember that your ultimate goal is to help King Robert renovate his castle. For that reason, you need to earn enough rewards by solving puzzles.

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With the rewards, you can buy items needed for the renovation, including furniture, paintings, and more. These items will then be used to unlock new areas in the castle.

Some areas you will unlock are the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and more. Ensure you decorate every room with the best items to earn the king's approval.

Lots of Collectible

When you learn the art of solving puzzles, you will collect many rewards, including: 

  • Coins. These are the basic rewards available in almost every puzzle you solve. You will use them to unlock in-app purchases.
  • Extra Boosters. They will come in handy when you get stuck while solving a puzzle. You can use them to clear the entire board or get out of tough situations.
  • Surprising Awards. Each day, you will have a chance to earn a surprise award by completing various tasks. They are quite random & unpredictable, making them all the more exciting.

Ensure you collect as much as you can to improve your chances of success. This is the only way you can help the king renovate his castle within the shortest time possible.

Compete with Millions of Players

This game is more than just solving puzzles; it is also a competition. You will be pitted against millions of other players from all over the world, and your goal is to come out on top. There are several tournaments you can use to earn rewards, including:

royal match mod apk unlimited money
  • The King's Cup. This is the most prestigious tournament, and it is only open to the best players. You must solve as many puzzles as possible to earn a spot in this tournament. The rewards are quite lucrative, making it worth your while.
  • The Sky Race. In this tournament, you need to collect as many items as possible within a set time limit. The more you collect, the higher your chances of winning.
  • The Team Battle. This is a team tournament, and you will be pitted against other players from all over the world. The goal is to solve puzzles as a team and earn more rewards than your opponents.
  • Lightning Rush. This is a quick, intense tournament where you need to solve as many puzzles as possible in a fast-paced environment. The rewards are quite generous.

Unique Features of Royal Match MOD APK

  • No Wi-Fi/Internet is Needed. This game enables you to play offline, which means you don't need a stable internet connection to enjoy it.
  • Lots of Obstacles. The game features numerous obstacles, including magic hats, piggies, mysterious mailboxes, birds, potions, cupboards, boxes, and diamonds. You must overcome these obstacles to progress.
  • High-Quality Graphics. While this game's graphics are uncomplicated and light, they are of high quality. The images are colorful and well-rendered, making the game quite pleasant to play. You will see the different rooms in the castle, and each one has been decorated differently.
royal match mod apk unlimited stars
  • Lots of Rooms to Explore. This game features splendid gardens, magical castles, royal chambers, and more. You can explore all these rooms once you unlock them. Also ensure you decorate the King's kitchen, garage, bedroom, and bathroom.
  • Real-Time Leaderboards. This game features real-time leaderboards, which means you can see how you stack up against other players in real-time. The leaderboards are updated regularly, and you can always see where you rank.
  • Well-Thought-Out Sound Systems. The game's music is cheerful and upbeat, and it will keep you motivated as you play. You will also hear different sound effects when you make moves or progress in the game.
  • Save the King! You are the only one who can save the king and help him renovate his castle. He is counting on you, and you should ensure you put your best foot forward. The future of the kingdom is in your hands!

Royal Match MOD APK Download

The Royal Match MOD APK download is modified to add exceptional features that will give you an advantage over other players. They include:


Royal Match is a puzzle game that is both challenging and rewarding. It features numerous tournaments with lucrative prizes, and you can play offline without an internet connection. Download it now and begin your quest to save the king!

Scarica Royal Match [207.13 Mb]


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