Chicken Gun Mod APK 4.1.0 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

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Do you love shooting games? With Chicken Gun MOD APK you can enjoy a free shooting game today. In this game, you can play in 2 game modes right now.

Chicken Gun Mod APK 4.1.0 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)
Vista general
Nombre Chicken Gun
Compatible con Android 4.4+
Última versión 4.1.0
Tamaño 599.49 Mb
Categoría Action
Desarrollador ChaloApps
Precio Free
Enlace de Google Play com.chaloapps.roosterrudy

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Do you love playing FPS games? There are so many shooting games you can enjoy right now, which are all for free. There are a lot of amazing games you can play when shooting is your cup of tea.

There are games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Rules of Survival, and many more that you can download. But if you’re looking for something unique, you can download Chicken Gun now and have fun as you play as chickens.

chicken gun mod apk

In this fun multiplayer FPS game, you can enjoy the classic FPS game that didn’t involve battle royale. Here, you can play in 5 vs. five matches where the team with the most kills win.

Then, there’s also the game mode called free for all, which is battle royale but without the need to survive till the end. This game is fun and exciting for everyone that loves shooting games. Become the best chicken and fight your way to the top now.

Chicken Shooting Game

If you’re obsessed with shooting games, you’re able to play a lot of them today. These games are fun and exciting since they allow players to shoot and use various guns today. If you love shooting and having fun with various strategies, you can download all sorts of games now.

There are a lot of shooting games available for you to enjoy today for free. With Chicken Gun apk you can have fun with such an exciting and new shooting game where you can play as a chicken and shoot everyone.

chicken gun mod

If you love playing unique FPS games, there are so many unique and enjoyable ones right now. But with this game from ChaloApps, you’re able to play as a chicken as you fight against others in this fantastic shooting game.

Here, you can use all sorts of guns, from snipers to assault rifles to shotguns and more. There are many guns to enjoy here, and you can win in 5 vs. five fights today. You can participate in a free for a fight where you need to eliminate everyone.

In this game, you can become the best chicken!

Chicken Gun Highlights

If you’re someone who’s always playing shooting games, then you can download Chicken Gun today and enjoy.

Unique shooting game – You can enjoy so many FPS games right now, thanks to many developers. The shooting genre is enjoyed by so many right now that there are so many fun games you can enjoy now.

chicken gun mod apk unlimited money

You can find many subgenres in the shooting genre like battle royale, shooting simulation games, and more. But if you’re tired of all those and want something classic yet unique, then you can play Chicken Gun right now!

This is a fun little shooting game you can play with right now. You can match up against real players worldwide as you play 5 vs. 5 classic matches in this game. Here, you’ll need to kill as many enemies as you can and return the case of money to your base.

This is an enjoyable game because everyone is dressed as a chicken here, allowing you to become an easy target. In this fun game, you’ll have fun as you shoot using various weapons, from snipers to shotguns to machine guns and more.

Chicken characters – In Chicken Gun, you’re able to fight against the very best today as you play with a chicken character. Everyone here is a chicken or a pig, so you can have fun as you fight against others.

chicken gun mod apk 2021

You’ll either be a chicken or a pig in this game as different teams have various colors. You’ll have a fun time today as you play this unique shooting game right now!

2 Game modes – In Chicken Gun, you can play in 2 unique distinct game modes. The first one is the classic five vs. five deathmatch, where the most kills win. In this enjoyable mode, you’ll team up with real players all over the world as you fight against others.

This is a fun game as there are unique maps you can play in as you battle it out on the field. You can also enjoy the free for all mode where you need to eliminate everyone you see!

Fun gameplay - Chicken Gun is unique since it uses 3D graphics that are unmatched. Enjoy a fun game today where you can use various weapons and items like a grenade, Molotov, smoke grenade, and many more.

Download Chicken Gun MOD APK

If you’re searching for something to play right now, why not try Chicken Gun Mod apk now and have fun.

Descargar Chicken Gun [599.49 Mb]


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