Bakso Simulator Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Make your dream of becoming the most successful meatball seller come true by downloading Meatball Simulator MOD APK 1.7.4 which is now available for free for you.

Bakso Simulator Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Money)
Vista general
Nombre Bakso Simulator
Compatible con Android 5.0+
Última versión 1.7.4
Tamaño 163 MB
Categoría Simulation
Desarrollador Bakso Simulator
Precio Free

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Download Meatball Simulator MOD APK – Become a Meatball Entrepreneur

Bakso Simulator APK is one of the newest game applications that allows you to become a traveling meatball entrepreneur. In accordance with tradition in Indonesia, mobile meatball traders always have lots of customers. In almost all regions in Indonesia, mobile meatball traders always have a special place in the hearts of their customers.

bakso simulator mod apk all unlocked

From these unique  traditions, this game was created. You can participate actively to start your career as a traveling meatball seller. What's more, now Bakso Simulator Mod APK unlimited money is also available, where you can explore all the latest features and buy the latest equipment in this game.

If you succeed in earning a large income, your level will continue to increase. You can also develop your business by enlarging your fleet to sell meatballs around. For more details about this application, below is a complete discussion for you.

Tour the Complex, Earn Income

By using Bakso Simulator MOD APK all unlocked, you can start a career with equipment that you can choose yourself. The selling equipment includes meatball carts, selling equipment, including a supply of chili sauce which is the main ingredient in meatballs that are usually sold around.

Of course this game is very exciting. You can also get lots of customers from various different avenues. If you have  downloaded Bakso Simulator MOD APK all cars unlocked, you will get customers more easily and quickly.

bakso simulator mod apk free download

In fact, if you want to stop somewhere and wait for customers to come, your income is guaranteed to remain high. Apart from that, your career as a successful meatball trader can also start from this point.

The application developers are still continuing to upgrade the maps and features in it. From there you can also improve your career little by little. In fact, your income can increase significantly if you play this game often.

Expand Your Sales Area

If you have used Bakso Simulator MOD APK everything unlocked, you can also expand your sales area. If previously you only sold in one area on the map, now you can start selling in another area.

The wider area can only be opened if you have installed Bakso Simulator MOD APK free download, and then upgraded using the latest version. You can fully access the available maps.

bakso simulator mod apk unlimited money

By using the latest version of Bakso Simulator APK, you will also get the latest updates from the game developer. Many developments have been carried out for each version. You can try all the following features and experience the excitement of playing Meatball Simulator and becoming a successful meatball entrepreneur.

Features of Meatball Simulator MOD APK

There are many new features that will enhance your game. The following are some of the newest features of Bakso SIMulator MOD APK that you can enjoy. This feature is still being developed today. If there is a new update, you can immediately get it for free.

Attractive appearance – in the Bakso Simulator application display, you will find an attractive interface from the first time you open the game. In the Bakso Simulator game, there are many button options available. You can start becoming a traveling meatball seller. Next, you can expand your business by buying more carts.

Maps that are continuously being upgraded – in the Bakso Simulator application, the initial maps available are still relatively limited. However, you don't need to worry because by using the complete one, you will get full access to explore and sell to a wider area.

bakso simulator mod apk everything unlocked

You can also go around to other parts of the map. With a wider selling area, of course the results obtained will also be greater. This will increase your income as a traveling meatball seller.

It is highly recommended for you not to just stay in one place, but try to move around to other areas. In other areas, you will likely get more buyers which will help increase your income. This game is also very fun to fill your free time.

If your income is high enough, you can buy another cart and sell meatballs in many locations at one time. This is certainly very exciting considering that your career will automatically improve if you have more fleet to sell meatballs. The fleet is not only limited to 1 or 2 carts.

While you still want to develop your business, there are many new fleets ready for you to buy. From there your income will get bigger over time. This game is available for you to play at any time. Don't hesitate to try the Meatball Simulator game and achieve your success immediately.

Complete equipment for selling meatballs – selling meatballs cannot be separated from the various equipment needed to support selling meatballs. You can buy various equipment in the game. The game developer also provides unique equipment such as chili sauce and bowls typical of traveling meatball sellers.

bakso simulator mod apk all cars unlocked

If your income is sufficient, you can buy more equipment to support your performance while selling meatballs around. However, it's a good idea to buy equipment in stages so that the money you have in the game is not wasted.

Unlimited money – if you want to use the unlimited money feature which allows you to achieve success more quickly, you can use the unlimited money MOD APK. With this feature, you can earn an unlimited amount of money. Of course, this is very beneficial for those of you who want to succeed in selling meatballs more quickly.

Download Meatball Simulator MOD APK - Latest version

If you want to try a unique type of game, but which still carries typical Indonesian traditions, you can immediately download Bakso SIMulator and try starting your career as a traveling meatball seller. Meatball Simulator MOD APK is available for free to you via the link below.

Descargar Bakso Simulator [163 MB]


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