YouTube Blue APK 16.16.38

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Do you use YouTube a lot? Are you annoyed by ads and limitations? Download YouTube Blue now and enjoy a seamless experience with added features now.

YouTube Blue APK 16.16.38
Name YouTube Blue
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 16.16.38
Size 33 MB
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Team Vanced
Price Free
MOD Features +



Are you someone who watches a lot of videos on YouTube? There are billions of users of YouTube today since a lot of people are watching more content more than ever. Now, we see a lot more content creators since there are more opportunities online right now. But if you’ve been annoyed by ads and other restrictions on this platform, it’s time to download YouTube Blue on your Android phone! This app allows you to play videos just like the original one but with added features.

youtube blue apk

With this app, you can watch videos just like you would in the regular app but the only difference is that there’s an ad blocker. This allows you to enjoy the videos more and you can also play the videos on the background even while doing other things. Aside from that, there’s also an HDR Mode, ability to zoom in, resolution, window style, repeat videos, download videos and many more. In simple terms, this app provides the best YouTube experience today.

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Watch Videos Comfortably

Do you use the internet a lot these days? A lot of us find a lot of uses for the internet as it contains so many websites right now. One of the most popular websites today is YouTube which is owned by Google which is the number one search engine today. With YouTube, you can freely watch videos created by other users or upload videos yourself. The platform rewards users thanks to ads that they display on their videos.

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Because of this, there are literally billions of creators right now all over the world trying to make it big on the platform. A lot of creators today are already earning quite a lot of sums by uploading a lot of videos on the platform. But if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the ads and the restrictions that the platform has, switch over to YouTube Blue now. This app is just like the original where you can play YouTube videos from your favorite channels. The only difference is that it has an ad-blocker which disables any forms of ads to be shown on videos.


With this, you can enjoy a smoother watching experience free from any distracting ads. More than that, you can also enjoy added features like the ability to change the theme! Here, you can switch from multiple themes featuring a variety of colors and styles. There’s also the ability to download videos for offline watching and recommendations. With this, you should see similar videos that you would likely watch on your feed all the time.

Aside from those, you can also enjoy the Playback feature that allows you to play any YouTube video on the background!

YouTube Blue Features

YouTube is the second most popular website today just next to Google which is the owner of the platform. But if you want to enjoy the platform fully, download YouTube Blue now.

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An Interesting Experience – Almost all of us today have heard or used YouTube before. If you’re reading this, there’s a huge chance that you use it regularly today since it contains so many videos. It’s a platform where you can watch and upload countless videos in a variety of categories. A lot of content creators today are earning big on the platform in a variety of ways aside from ads. But if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the ads when you’re watching, then YouTube Blue is the perfect app for you today.

This app is just like the original but the only difference is that it has some added features. Here, you’ll enjoy the built-in ad-blocker that allows you to enjoy ad-free videos today. Aside from that, you can enjoy listening to YouTube videos at the background which is a feature only available for premium users at the original app. Then, there’s also the feature that allows you to download videos, change the theme, repeat videos and many more.


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Ad-Blocker – We all know that content creators today make money from ads on YouTube. So, the more people watch their videos and see their ads, the more money they can potentially make! But for some viewers, the ads can be annoying especially since they disrupt our viewing experience. Thanks to YouTube Blue, you can enjoy a built-in ad-blocker that allows you to watch videos easily without ads. With this, you can enjoy watching videos seamlessly today.

Play Videos at the background – YouTube Blue also allows you to play videos at the background without the video stopping. Here, you can then listen to music, podcasts or any other videos you want without even downloading them. This feature is available only for premium users on the original app. But in here, you can enjoy using it as much as you want!

HDR Mode – If you’re someone who enjoys watching videos in the highest quality possible, you can also enjoy the HDR mode here. You can now watch videos in HDR mode which provides the clearest watching experience ever!

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Zoom In – You can also zoom in easily on this app by pinching the screen. This lets you see the content more clearly especially if you have a small device screen.

Themes – You can change the theme to the default or night mode in the original YouTube app. But here, you can change it to a variety of colors! There are colors such as blue, red, yellow and many more.

Windows style – You can also freely watch the video in a window while you’re scrolling your newsfeed in this app. Now, you don’t have to close the video just to search for other videos. Talk about multitasking at its finest!

Repeat videos – You can also have the option to repeat the video easily in this app. Or, you can repeat the whole playlist if you want.

Download YouTube Blue APK 2021 – Latest version

Get the most satisfying watching experience today with YouTube Blue! Enjoy watching without ads and with added features.

Download YouTube Blue [33 MB]


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