WhatsApp Transparent APK 10.20

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Download WhatsApp Transparent APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to have full customization features on your WhatsApp account!

WhatsApp Transparent APK 10.20
Name WhatsApp Transparent
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 10.20
Size 43 MB
Category Communication
Developer WhatsApp Transparent
Price Free
MOD Features +

The world of instant messaging is ruled by a few popular ones. The most popular one worldwide is WhatsApp, followed by Facebook Messenger, WeChat and several others. This shows us that plenty of people use instant messaging apps for their work, school, personal and other purposes. But among these users, there are some who are looking to customize.


These people want full control over their instant messaging apps. Which is why WhatsApp Transparent is the perfect solution! This app is an improved version of the original as it features transparent display, improved interface, full customizations, large file sharing, share large recording files, privacy features, faster and smoother, and many more! With these features, it’s clear that many users would want to use this improved version of the app.

What is WhatsApp Transparent?

The world today is filled with people who are using smartphones left and right. Because of this, there have been plenty of apps in existence today. These apps are categorized as mobile games, productivity apps, instant messaging and many more. In the world today, communication is of utmost importance.


This is why WhatsApp remains the most popular instant messaging app used by billions of people worldwide. However, for some people, this isn’t enough. They want more customization and freedom to do whatever they want when using these apps. For this reason, WhatsApp Transparent was born. In here, you can fully make the display transparent, access privacy features, customize a lot of things, share large files, anti-revoke message, better and smoother UI, hidden features, and many more! Using this app, you can achieve more than you can ever do on the original!

Features of WhatsApp Transparent

WhatsApp Transparent is an improved version of the original. In here, you’ll access tons of astonishing features not found elsewhere! Here are they:

Privacy Options – The world’s most popular instant messaging apps offer a lot of privacy options. However, most of them can’t be customized to your needs. For this reason, plenty of people get furious or are looking for alternatives. This is why WhatsApp Transparent is here to save the day! In here, you can hide that you’ve read your contact’s messages. This will allow you to have so much internet freedom. You can hide single ticks, double ticks, last seen status and read receipts.


Share Large Files – Although most instant messaging apps allow you to send files, they limit the size per file that you can send. Such is also the case with WhatsApp. But for some people, using third party apps or software just to send files are too much of a hassle. For this reason, WhatsApp Transparent allows you to send 90 media files at once! You can also send video files of up to 70 MB from 16 MB on the original. Aside from that, you can freely send sound recordings easily in the app!

Themes and Transparent Display – The main feature of this improved version is the transparent display! This means that you will clearly see the background of the image or theme you’re using. Also, you can fully customize the theme you want from tons of selections. There are so many things you can customize in here that you can’t do it all! For instance, you can change the font size and style, background, and many more!


Faster and Smoother UI – Another great feature in this app is the faster and smoother user interface. This app is customized yet it brings fast speeds for everyone to enjoy. This means you don’t have to worry about the app lagging or anything.

Download WhatsApp Transparent APK – Latest version

WhatsApp Transparent is truly a magnificent and improved version of the original. Download the latest version now.

Download WhatsApp Transparent [43 MB]
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