Troll Master APK 1.13

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Do you love solving puzzles? In Troll Master, you can solve puzzles by drawing things! Enjoy the funny things that ensue after you draw the puzzles in here.

Troll Master APK 1.13
Name Troll Master
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.13
Size 97.14 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.abi.draw.onepart.dop

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There are many fun and entertaining puzzle games available to be played right now. These are games which require your intelligence in order to be solved and they provide many types of entertainment. But most puzzle games back then involved the typical ones which allowed you to just solve the puzzles. But now, puzzle games are evolving and they’re now more entertaining! Try Troll Master today and see the different ways you can troll the characters.

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Here, the goal is to solve the levels by drawing a certain thing today. Here, the puzzles aren’t that difficult to do but you’ll need to think outside of the box to solve them. Here, you can solve puzzles by drawing a dog’s face, completing a leaf, drawing a bridge, and many more! After you draw the puzzle, watch as the puzzle comes to life and trolls the characters. There are so many levels to enjoy here and this game provides laughter for people right now.

Solve Puzzles and Laugh

There are so many fun puzzle games that can be played by many people right now. These puzzle games are popular and they can be enjoyed by everyone simply because they allow us to practice our brain. So, whether you’re looking for a puzzle game which involves your brain heavily or a simple puzzle game, you can enjoy Troll Master! This is a game that lets you draw something in order to complete the level. This game pokes fun at many situations requiring you to draw something in order to solve it.

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For instance, you may be required to draw the remaining part of the soap so that a homeless person can take a bath. Then, there’s also a level where you will need to draw a leash so that the dog will not bite a person. As you can see, there are many puzzles available and tons of ways to have fun in here. But the good thing about this game is that you don’t need to be an expert at drawing to play! You just need to correctly guess where you need to draw.

There are so many addictive levels for you to enjoy and this is a game that’s perfect for kids!

Troll Master Features

If you want to be a troll but you don’t want to hurt others, you can try Troll Master. This is a puzzle game that will give you tons of laughs!

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Complete the Drawing – There are so many things we can draw today and so many renowned artists. Drawing is something that has been around for a long time by now. But it’s still fun today even though most artists draw digitally right now thanks to smartphones and computers. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a drawing puzzle game, then Troll Master is the game to go! This is a game that lets you have fun completing the missing things.

In order to complete a level, you must solve the puzzle by drawing the missing thing. In each level, you’ll need to draw unique things to solve the puzzle then the result will let you have a laugh. Here, there are puzzles that lets you draw a ping pong ball, a bat, a trap and many more. In each puzzle, completing it means that you will get to see something funny!

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Many Enjoyable levels – In Troll Master, you’ll be able to enjoy many fun levels to solve. In each level, you don’t need a lot of effort to solve it rather, you just need to think outside the box. To do this, you need to see what’s missing on the picture and draw it using your finger! In this game, there are many different scenarios that you’ll face with and each of them requires different thinking. There may be instances when you need to draw a bridge to connect a couple, then there’s also levels where you need to draw a microphone.

Draw something – In this game, you don’t need to have insane drawing skills to play. In fact, you don’t even need to draw at all! You just need to simply draw a circle in the object that’s missing to complete the puzzle. The app will do the rest for you and you just need to have fun. Here, you can play a lot of fun levels that will test your creativity!

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Hints – Sometimes, you may get stuck at certain levels. If this is the case, you can use your hints! This will allow you to easily solve the puzzles but you need to watch a video ad to use this.

Appealing Visuals – Enjoy appealing visuals and an easy-to-use control! Draw something now to complete the levels.

Download Troll Master APK – Latest version

If you enjoy trolling people, download Troll Master now so you can troll many characters! Have fun solving fun puzzles here.

Download Troll Master [97.14 Mb]


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