How to Get ThopTV for PC – Movie and TV Streaming on Laptop

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What is ThopTV?

ThopTV is an amazing Android application that allows for the streaming of thousands of different TV channels, straight to your device. In addition, there are a ton of movie channels included to the amount of content available. Most of all, the application is also 100% free to download, install, and stream.



ThopTV has quickly become a huge phenomenon for these specific reasons. You may have just found the safest free video streaming service currently available for any platform.

ThopTV Features

There are a ton of features associated with this application. Of course, an app would be nothing without its additions and features included. Luckily, ThopTV has many to go around.

  • By far the most popular channels right now – Sports Channels are plentiful. So, lovers of basketball, football, golf, tennis, and even racing, you’re all in luck.
  • There are over 300 different TV channels internationally, from HBO, FX, ESPN to Jio TV, Pogo TV. Watch shows that were originally unavailable in your area.
  • In fact, there are already a bunch of different TV serials integrated into the database.
  • Also, there are more than 300 different movies within the ThopTV database, which is still updated regularly. This makes it nearly impossible to claim you have watched everything on the app.
  • Well over 5000 radio channels are also included with the application.
  • There are a total of 500 different categories in Indian entertainment channels for users to enjoy.
  • In addition, there is also the option to add any of your favorite channels to the Favorites List. Just in case you really enjoyed what you watched.
  • Stay updated on your favorite channels, films, and TV shows. Every channel added to your favorites will notify you whenever something new is coming up.
  • ThopTV supports both MX Player and HD streaming.


  • The application is also compatible with Firestick.
  • There are tons of different genres of channels including, dramas, news, sports, cartoons and entertainment. There will be at least a handful of different movies and series for everyone to watch each.
  • The option to add subtitles from external sources is also available.
  • If there are ever any issues, the customer support team is always available to chat and happy to help. The team is always happy to help with any problems that user should have.
  • Best of all, ThopTV is completely free to download and use. There are absolutely no additional costs included when using the application. This includes any user subscriptions or email registrations.

ThopTV PC Download Guide

The biggest issue for ThopTV is – technically the application is not available for either PC or Mac at the moment. Thus, it can be quite difficult to get your hands on this convenient streaming service for your laptop or desktop.

The reason being is, the original concept of ThopTV was to be unlimited streaming through your mobile device. Anyone can enjoy streaming their favorite channels any time and from any location.

But that doesn’t mean people haven’t found a solution. Some great techs have devised a way for anyone to download and install ThopTV for PC Windows 10 and even Mac devices. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to free and unlimited channels streaming on your PC.

ThopTV for PC Windows

Before beginning, you will need an Android emulator to run the program before downloading ThopTV. After looking through these simple steps, you should be able to run this application with no problems.


And that’s all there is to it! You have successfully obtained ThopTV for PC Windows 10 in just a few simple steps, congratulations.

ThopTV PC Mac Download

Next, we will explain for all Mac users the same process for getting the application. The steps are quite similar and also just as easy. That being said, you’ll need to download straight from the link given below.

  • Download and install the ThopTV for Mac users
  • Again, similar to Windows, open up the download and follow the installer instructions to proceed.
  • Once finished, you should have the application in your desktop or Apps List.


And that’s everything you need to know. Once again, in just a few quick and safe steps, you have successfully downloaded and installed ThopTV onto your PC and Mac.

Downloading ThopTV Using Android Emulators

Another recommended option to download and install ThopTV APK would be through the use of Android Emulators. This way, you can directly play the Android version of the app through your PC.

  • First, you will need to download the ThopTV for PC zip file. Simply, click the download link we have.
  • Once downloaded, you will need to extract the file to any of your own preferred folders. This is entirely up to you on where to send the extraction.
  • Next, download and open the Bluestacks installer.
  • There will be three dots available on the emulator screen. Click on them and you will be given the “Install APK” option. Click on this
  • At this point, select to install ThopTV for PC.
  • Once the install has been completed, the ThopTV icon should be displayed on the dashboard screen.
  • Click on the icon in order to open up the application.

Just like that, you have easily added ThopTV for PC Mac or Windows using an Android Emulator app.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Is ThopTV safe?

  • Of course! ThopTV is 100% safe to download, install, and use for any device. Although some applications not on the Google Play Store are quite sketchy, not this one. ThopTV contains virus free configurations that prevents any viruses to enter your device when attempting to download and install.

Is ThopTV free?

  • ThopTV is 110% free to download. Additionally, there won’t be any additional costs or subscriptions required to stream your channels.

How do I get ThopTV

  • Most Android users will download the APK file and then follow simple instructions to install ThopTV. You can refer to our installation guide to learn more.

Is ThopTV available on PC?

  • Technically, no. ThopTV should not be available on any form of PC. However, a few tech geniuses have created a means to download and install the application through PC.

Does ThopTV also have Netflix?

  • ThopTV contains many premium channels and serials originally on Netflix and Amazon Prime premium accounts. Best of all, they are all free to stream when using ThopTV.

Is ThopTV banned in India

  • Yes, ThopTV is unfortunately not available for download at official Google Play Stores in this region.

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