Storybeat Premium APK

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Don’t upload boring stories! Use Storybeat Premium and add music to your photos and videos now. Enjoy plenty of songs, sound effects stickers and more.

Storybeat Premium APK
Name Storybeat Premium
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version
Size 46.23 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Developer StoryBeat
Price Free
Google Play Link com.storybeat

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We use many social media platforms today since there are so many. These platforms allow us to do anything we want whether to browse the feed, chat with others, comment on photos and share posts. With that, we can stay connected with the world everyday and we can post photos and videos as well. But if you’re still uploading stories that don’t have any music, this all changes with Storybeat Premium! This is an app that’s designed to add background music to your stories.

storybeat premium apk

Usually, we upload photos/videos directly to our Instagram or Facebook as stories and move on. But if you don’t want to bore your audience with raw content, you can use this app to quickly add music to your stories! The app contains millions of tracks for you to choose from in genres like rap, pop, trap, country, electronic and many more. Aside from that, you can also edit your videos easily and add sound effects, voiceovers, and many more.

Create Enjoyable Stories

If you’re someone who enjoys creating stories, then you’re like the majority of people today. A lot of us use social media platforms as a platform to express ourselves, our interests, our thoughts and our feelings. These platforms are free and they also connect us with our family, friends and people we don’t know. This is why social media platforms are on the rise today as they allow a lot of people to post whatever they want so people can see them. But if you’re posting Instagram stories without music, then download Storybeat Premium now!

storybeat premium apk latest version

What this app does is that it allows users to add songs to their photos and videos easily. Now, you don’t have to upload awkward and raw stories on Facebook or Instagram. With this, you can easily add any type of music in different genres such as rap, rock, pop, funk, country, R&B, and many more. Moreover, you can add sound effects, record your voice, create a stop motion video and many more cool things. There are also zoom effects you can add to your photos.

Then, there’s also a panoramic effect you can add and you can convert your live photos into a boomerang video!

Storybeat Premium Features

If you want to upload photos/videos to your social media accounts, do so with Storybeat Premium! Add interesting tracks and effects now.

download storybeat premium for android

Bring your Stories to life – It’s easy to say that social media platforms today provide people with a way to enjoy life even more. Now, we can access plenty of profiles, connect with everyone we know, and post photos/videos of our day! There are so many things we can do with social media that they’re an addictive platform to stay into. But if you don’t want to bore your followers/friends with your photos/videos, you should use Storybeat Premium. In essence, this app adds flavor to your posts!

Here, you can add different types of songs with your photos and videos so you can instantly create a masterpiece. Here, you can add any music in different genres whether it’s pop, funk, jazz, rap or others. Then, you can also customize your videos with texts, cute stickers and so many effects! Enjoy a plethora of things you can use to create amazing posts now.

storybeat premium apk mod

A huge library of tracks – With Storybeat Premium, you can access millions of songs from different artists and bands. Here, you can freely use the tracks from the best genres such as rock, punk, pop, country, trap, reggae, R&B and many more. There are many types of songs that you can use here and you can freely select different ones to complement your post! Enjoy creating a masterpiece right now with this app.

Create photo slideshows – You can also freely create a photo slideshow in the app. Here, you can add up to 25 photos in a slideshow so you can add music and make it even more unique. Enjoy creating slideshows for yourself, for your family and for friends! There are so many different ways you can enjoy this feature today.

Create stop motion videos – You can also create stop motion videos to add depth to your posts. This is achieved by stitching together tons of continuous photos so it looks like it’s a video! Enjoy converting your Live Photos into a video as well with a boomerang effect so it looks interesting.

storybeat premium apk free download

Add sound effects and add your voice – Another thing to enjoy here are the sound effects which are perfect for skits. Here, you can also add your voice to create wonderful stories!

Share via different social media apps – Freely share your creations today in various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and more!

Storybeat Premium APK – Without watermark

Why upload boring posts when you can use Storybeat Premium to spice them up? Add music, voiceovers, texts and effects now!

Download Storybeat Premium [46.23 Mb]


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