How to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working

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Do you listen to songs a lot? Songs have existed for more than 35,000 years now, and they continue to give meaning to our lives. Songs have evolved so much from the past thousands of years to today that we can listen to millions of them now.

There are now many artists, bands, and songs that exist which we can enjoy through streaming platforms. But if your Spotify Wrapped is not working, don’t worry; this guide is for you.

spotify wrapped story

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world today. Millions of people use it to listen to songs, discover new ones, and browse different songs by genre.

There are many reasons why Spotify is used by many, mainly because you can listen to many songs here anytime and anywhere you are. You can create playlists, share them and see the playlists of others as well. Spotify Wrapped is a feature of the app which lets you see your listening stats throughout the year.

What is Spotify?

Throughout the years, we’ve evolved so much as humans as we’re now enjoying so many pieces of technology. We enjoy smartphones and the internet, and we have so much fun with many apps today.

Thanks to apps, we can manage our lives better, make informed decisions, and create beautiful moments together. We can even watch movies, listen to music, connect with others, and do many things. Streaming platforms are one of the most famous apps today.

why is my spotify wrapped not working

Streaming music was first introduced in 1997, and since then, it has evolved tremendously. Many platforms offer music streaming like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music, and many more.

Among all of these, Spotify is the most popular as it has a lot of users worldwide. It lets users listen to songs anywhere they are globally as long as they have access to the internet.

This app also lets users create playlists to store their favorite songs. They can share their playlists browse others, and discover new songs, bands, and artists on the platform.

What is Spotify Wrapped

Each year, Spotify creates a custom Spotify-wrapped story for everyone to give back to the users. This feature lets users see the songs they listened to, most favorite artists, tracks, and genres. You can all see your vital stats in this feature to share on your social media accounts.

spotify wrapped video

It’s not anything too important, but many users appreciate this gesture from Spotify. This way, they can look back in the year and enjoy the moments they’ve shared with the app.

To access your Spotify Wrapped, open Spotify > tap on the “Your 2021 Wrapped” banner > you will be directed to the Spotify Wrapped story.

How to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working

Spotify wrapped is a great feature that users can enjoy every year. They’re a collection of stories that you can see on Spotify. Users will see their favorite tracks, genres, artists, and podcasts here.

how to see spotify wrapped

But many users have reported that their Spotify wrapped is not working. If you’re one of them, then you don’t need to worry as we’ve come with a fix.


  1. Uninstall your Spotify app
  2. Re-download the app through the Safari browser on Spotify’s official website.
  3. See if this works!


  1. Go to Google Play Store/App Store
  2. Search Spotify
  3. Select update
spotify wrapped story not working

Clear Cache Data

  1. Go to your phone’s settings
  2. Search for apps
  3. Select Spotify
  4. Tap “Clear Cache.”
  5. Spotify Wrapped should work now!


Spotify Wrapped is a great way to conclude the year, especially with music lovers. It can also be frustrating when it’s not working correctly, as reported by many users. It can be that the app’s overwhelmed with many users, which is why it’s not working for some. But for now, you can perform the quick fixes above and see if it works.


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